Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Haiti Team Member Frank Gresham MFM Member


Frank Gresham, MFM Member,  sent a message.

Subject: Haiti Releif Update

To the Beloved of Christ,

Spoke with Frank last night, he stated that late in the day her realized, "Oh yeah, we just had a 6 point earthquake, I should call my family and let them know we are ok!" The quake was definitely felt and he stated that all the children from the orphanage where they are staying began to run outside for fear of the building collapsing on top of them, he said it was very sad to see the fear in their eyes.  The earthquake was 150 miles south of them close to the coastline.  He is located on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Food, water and supplies distribution is becoming almost too dangerous, not only for Americans, but also for the local Pastors.  Riots begin when the supplies run out and they begin to panic and turn on each other.  The assessment so far is that Port-au-Prince is a total loss and every building will have to be bulldozed down and they will literally have to start from scratch rebuilding that city.  Frank and the team have been spending a lot of their efforts traveling throughout the region visiting and networking with the local Pastors and beginning the process of putting together a long-term plan to return and send teams in to assist these Pastors in the rebuilding and restoration of the people.  Frank stated that before this incident he never had a heart for Haiti, mainly because he knew so many people who were already there ministering, but he stated that after being there for a few days his heart is broken and he is being draw there in a powerful way.

They visited the once vibrant University of Port-au-Prince and it was destroyed, a 5 story building completely collapsed.  He was told that the building was full of students attending classes that day.  He said just like Katrina, numbers were spray painted on the side of the building, 2,100 students died in that building that day.  He said he had to stop for a moment because he and his team were overwhelmed with grief from this tragedy, it was very emotional.  There were still dead bodies laying all around and the odor overtook them.  The images are very disturbing and so very sad.

Please continue to pray for their safety and that anyone trapped or missing is found alive.  We so appreciate the support we have received so far.

In Christ,

Janet and Haley