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Bold New Vision for MorningStar University

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Bold New Vision for MorningStar University
By Rick Joyner

Because “change is good,” 2010 may be the best year we have had to date. Radical new changes at MorningStar University have enabled us to move into areas we’ve been hoping to for years, such as adding accredited degree programs from Associates through Doctorates, church planting courses, and a diversity of new mission opportunities around the world. The entire basic structure of MSU has been transformed into what we are confident will be more effective than ever in preparing high-impact Christians to fulfill their purposes in our times.

Three in One

Beginning this fall, MSU will be three schools in one. The word “university” comes from the words “unity-in-diversity,” which is truly what the school will be. This increased definition and specialization will enable a much greater advancement and effectiveness of each program and MSU as a whole. We are told in Ecclesiastes 4:12, “a cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.” Each will be stronger with a more clearly defined relationship with the other two. The following are the three schools and a brief description of their purpose.
School of Theology and Doctrine

This school is devoted to ensuring that every MSU student has a sound, biblical foundation and a solid Christian worldview. This school will also benefit greatly from our partnership with the North Carolina College of Theology, an accredited school with Associate through Doctorate degree programs. Our basic goal is for every MSU student to receive the best teaching, from the best teachers, being devoted to sound, biblical truth, and having a growing love for the Word of God that will help guide them the rest of their lives.

Our MSU students will not only be fortified in sound biblical truth, but added to this will be a prophetic perspective that is linked to an understanding of history that not only honors our fathers and mothers, but brings much greater clarity in understanding the present times.

Because of our relationships with some of the most effective teachers and preachers in our times, we will be using teachers from many different streams and movements that we feel can aid in the preparation of our students. MorningStar hosts up to a dozen conferences a year, which draws Christians from around the world, making this a unique opportunity for them to hear some of the best speakers today, and many of these spend several days speaking just to our MSU students for a more personal impartation.

School of the Holy Spirit

 This school is devoted to understanding and growing in the supernatural ministries and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Just as it says Jesus went about “to do and teach” (see Acts 1:1), this school will include practical experience and discipleship for those moving in these gifts and ministries, as well as courses on understanding them, some of which will be held jointly with other ministries.

MorningStar has been especially devoted to helping equip Christians with prophetic gifts and ministries for over twenty years. This experience has become known around the world as MorningStar has been called a community of “thinking prophets” with rare depth and integrity. In recent months, there has been a fresh wind on the prophetic, and we are now moving into even greater heights in this, while being devoted to strengthening our foundations even more.

In the last two to three years, we have also seen a release of “noteworthy” miracles and healing on a level beyond anything we have experienced before. Just as Peter, an evangelist and miracle worker with the kind of faith to get out of the boat and walk on water, needed to be linked with John, and John needed Peter, the linking of these ministries at MorningStar is multiplying the effectiveness of both.

NOTE: The MSU School of Worship will be a part of both the School of Theology and Doctrine and the School of the Holy Spirit. Since the Father desires those who worship Him to do so in Spirit and Truth, the greatest worshipers should be strong in both of these. MorningStar has become known around the world for our worship and music, but like the rest of the ministry, there seems to be new traction and vision for going much higher being released. Music especially is the language of the Spirit, and we consider every musician a potentially powerful missionary to this generation, as well as crucial for leading the body of Christ to a place of worship that can truly touch the heart of the Father.

School of Missions

The commission to “go into all the world” (see Mark 16:15), was not just geographical. This school will be devoted to ministry and missions in all forms and areas, especially using “The Seven Mountain Mandate” as a template, but also including Special Forces Missions, a church planting and leadership track, and long-term foreign missions such as developing bases, schools, and so forth in other nations.

MorningStar now oversees more than five hundred missionaries in foreign countries, all of which we would like to fortify with help through part-time and full-time mission deployments.

Special Forces Missions is a unique program devoted to preparing a powerful supernatural force for the gospel. SFM is able to go into some of the most difficult places and conditions, such as disasters, and be used to effectively bring light into some of the deepest darkness and order into chaos.

Our ZAO Life Projects, such as providing pure water sources in some of the world’s most remote and primitive locations, as well as church and school planting, are gaining traction and have already been credited with possibly stopping tribal wars.

The MorningStar Missions Group is being formed into a much more strategic and tactical force for the gospel. In the next year, a base for our missions should be completed in the mountains of North Carolina, which should greatly enhance both the coordination of our missions and the training of our MSU students.

It is our goal to see every Christian engaged in part-time missions, which can be life-changing for them but also be effective in reaching a world sinking into increasing crisis. We also want to equip and support an increasingly effective force of full-time missionaries. Basic to that is for every MSU graduate to know their mission and be engaged in it for a life of impact for the sake of the kingdom.

Personal Discipleship/Internships

Just as our goal is to make the entire MSU program at least twice as powerful and effective as it has ever been next year, personal discipleship is the primary way that the Lord gave us for developing and preparing His people for their purpose. This will be a primary thrust within MSU. Very soon after arriving at MSU, every student will be linked to those who have been found to have proven ministries and gifts in the same area of their calling.

The basic goal of MSU is to raise up an army of the strongest and most high-impact Christians on the planet, who are true salt and light wherever they are, and are not changed by the world, but who change the world. We measure our success by the impact that our graduates have for the sake of the gospel, freeing those who are bound by darkness and reconciling them to God, as well as being a positive impact in the culture for the kingdom of our Lord.

In these fast-changing times, it has never been more important for us to know who we are and what our purpose is. It is also crucial that we be knit together with others of a like faith, with the courage and fortitude to accomplish that purpose. Lifelong friendships are begun at MSU, as well as also teams and partnerships for engaging our times with the truth and power we have been entrusted for this purpose.

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