Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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21 Days of United Prayer for Elections

Beginning tomorrow, October 13th, through Election Day, November 2nd, will you pray each day at noon for the elections?
I know some of you are already fasting and praying, and some are involved in other prayer focuses regarding the elections.  Hallelujah!  The more the better. How much difference can this network make if we come together AS ONE to pray daily for the last 21 days leading up to the November elections? These elections are pivotal, and we need righteous men and women in office, or at least those who are willing to stand for righteousness. Most of the members of this network represent prayer groups, prayer teams, ministries, or even whole churches.  Think of the power of agreement we have when we come together AS ONE!

21 DAYS OF NOON PRAYER – 10/13 through 11/2

Will you join together AS ONE?
As we pray, we come from different backgrounds and cultures with differing levels of authority.  Regardless, we all have an assignment for the land the Lord has given to us. If we allow the Lord to direct our prayers, so that it is Him flowing through us, rendering ourselves to Him as a vessel of prayer, He will be able to conduct us like a symphony. That’s the strength we have in joining together.  A band of instruments can produce a more powerful sound than one playing alone. With that in mind, let our symphony rise together to bring righteousness back to our land!

Prayer Points to add to your own:

 Praise God as the One True God.  Give honor and glory to Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Father. If He is not supreme in OUR hearts, how can He be supreme in the nation?

  •   Thank the Lord for His mercy on this nation, and ask Him for great grace in these elections.
  •   Pray for the warriors to arise for these elections.  Awaken the praying hearts.
  •   Pray that the men and women of God will rise up and vote according to the leading of the Spirit of God.
  •   Pray for justice in the elections – that wickedness in heavenly places will not prevail and manipulations of man in the earthly realm will not alter the election outcomes.
  •   Pray for the wisdom of God to prevail in our prayers, in our votes, and in our polls.
  •   Pray for deeds of darkness to be exposed prior to the elections – for the Light of Christ to reveal the hidden agendas and misplaced priorities that have escaped the public eye.
  •   Intercede for godliness and righteousness to prevail:
  •   That the forces of darkness will be rendered ineffective in controlling and manipulating these elections.
  •   That the enemy’s plots will fail.
  •   That justice and righteousness will be unleashed on this nation in a revival-like fashion, and that the political mountain shall become the mountain of the Lord.

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