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CMM/MorningStar Missions Faith in Action- September 2011--Waves of Glory Globally

Dear friend of CMM/MorningStar Missionaries, 

Feel free to forward to friends, missionaries, revivalists, mobilizers, relatives, students, and those interested in serving in missions and helping fulfill The Great Commission. 

Pray for our brave, faith filled friends serving around the world, many in closed nations. We invite you to join us on a life changing adventure in God. Psalm 2:8, Psalm 96.

Check our website at as we will soon post upcoming mission trips through 2012.

We need evangelists, healing, crusade leaders, intercessors, prophetic,agricultural, business and marketplace, medical, building teams, midwives,disaster response preparedness teams, teachers, and team leaders. Contact us at 803-802-5544 ext 392, or email to find out more. 

Equipping nations with the heart of the Father by connecting, strengthening,& expanding
strategic relationships & stewarding donor relations with God's army.

Death: Missionary Beheaded

The greatest revivals are now hitting many closed up regions of the world, according to CMM revivalist and former MSU graduate, John M. Recently we were saddened to hear that one of John's associates, working tirelessly in the missions field of Somalia, was beheaded. This minister was part of a covert rescue network in Kenya which provides safe passage for the newly converted, whose families have issued a religious fatwa (death warrant) against them. The beheading was in retaliation for the success of the net-work's rescue efforts in Somalia, allowing many to live for Christ in previously unknown freedom. Sometimes the cost of revival is the 'seed' being buried.

Life: Woman Resurrected

It is evident that there is the beginning of a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit in French Polynesia in the heart of Papeete. With very little advertising, the opening of revivalist Earl and Aline Thurner's ministry outreach was packed out with many whose giftings and ex- pressions were released for the first time. Recently Earl Thurner's son, Jedidiah, reported that a woman, who had been dead for over three hours, as she was being transported through the Amazon by boat, was resurrected by the Word of God. Earl explained that Jesus is life and He speaks life through his children. Resurrection power flows from our hearts to our mouths. We are all rejoicing at her return to life.

Building the Kingdom: India's New Church

A humble servant of India teaching Dalit (Untouchable) children with the Touch of Jesus Christ, John Ebenezer carries a burning passion for the neglected. This comes from a life of first-hand experience: a childhood spent as a member of the "untouchable" class to which he now ministers. The fruit of this experience is a labour of love which is currently reaching untouched villages with the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Pastor Ebenezer has been a CMM missionary for eleven years and an MFM member for seven. He is the overseer of 450 national pastors. A well can be drilled in one of his districts for $1,500. He is very pleased to announce the completion of a beautiful new church building which will serve the poor of India for many years. India is a land of one billion souls with over three million gods. With an average income of under $300 a year, many live in abject poverty. This answer to this dilemma is the love of Jesus.

Monsoon Emergency Appeal: Pakistan

The recent monsoon devastation of Islamabad has had a very demoralizing effect on the residents there. Our CMM Pastor Latif Masih says he has received many phone calls from people, who have lost everything. Many have nothing to eat even. In visiting the area hardest hit, Pastor Masih saw large numbers of Christian people, living in the slums of Islamabad, who have been driven from their homes in the area's worst monsoon in recent memory. It is estimated that 100 homes were destroyed, in that one area. One woman he ministered to had lost her sewing machine, which was her family's only means of livelihood. Pastors Latif, Ayub Sagar and Nadeem Saleem are working to provide food to the victims of this disaster. It takes only $32 to support a family in Pakistan with food for a week. Help CMM to love people through disaster relief.

Tribal Evangelism in India

After climbing mountains and traipsing for many long hours, through very muddy conditions, Pastor Samuel Sudarsanam and his Harvest Team reached three remote villages of India, where the Gospel had never been shared. The team was extremely blessed to visit people saying they never heard of Jesus even once in their life span of time. Pastor Samuel commented that it was a real privilege to meet such loving people, and to share the Good News with them. The team did personal ministry, sang songs on the street, declared power of Jesus and prayed over the sick. They showed the Jesus Film to the village tribal people, most of whom had never seen a movie before. They loved Jesus. It was such wonderful precious time. Please continue to pray for all the tribes to hear the Gospel, and for protection and strength for the Christian workers going into these remote villages.

Faith in Action: Maintaining our salt

Jesus said in Mark 9:49-50, "For everyone will be seasoned with fire, and every sacrifice will be seasoned with salt. Salt is good, but if the salt loses its flavor, how will you season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace with one another." NKJV. Do you know anyone who is not going through serious transition or feeling financially threatened? Indeed we are in a time where our sovereign Lord is allowing us historic opportunities to repent, as individuals and nations, and trust Him like never before. What a great time to seek after the Lord of Hosts, remembering our first love, Jesus. His Spirit is wooing us to be still, at peace, and listening to our Shepherd.

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He is our all in all.


Jorge Parrott

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