Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Oak Initiative - Vol.2-No.3

 News and Updates09/10/2011                           Vol.2 No.3 
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American Muslims Speak Out
Obama's War on Ballot
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American Muslims speak out against the enforcement of shari'ah law in AmericaAmerican Islamic Leadership Coalition
 Islamic Coalition announces support for
 Michigan legislation that will bar state
 courts from enforcing 'foreign law'
 above  U.S. and state constitution

Washington, DC (September 7, 2011) - A coalition of diverse American Muslim leaders has announced support for a proposed bill in the Michigan State Assembly, HB 4679, that is intended to bar Michigan courts from enforcing any foreign law, if doing so violates any rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and/or the state of Michigan's constitution.   


Like many Americans, members of the American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC) have been observing the efforts of a growing number of state legislatures, which are seeking to address the incompatibility of various shari'ah court systems around the world with the principles and foundations of our Constitutional republic and its laws. As American Muslims, we believe that the law should treat people of all faiths equally, while protecting Muslims and non-Muslims alike from extremist attempts to use the legal instrument of shari'ah (also known as Islamic jurisprudence, or fiqh) to incubate, within the West, a highly politicized and dangerous understanding of Islam that is generally known as "Islamism," or "radical Islam."     ...Continue Reading   


Click here for general details on American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) as well as Shariah Law.

Obama's War on the Secret Ballot

The Obama Administration has fired its opening salvo against a cornerstone of democracy: the right to secret ballot.  


Last fall, voters in four states voted overwhelmingly to amend their constitutions protect the right of workers to vote by secret ballot in deciding whether or not to form unions. That right has been enshrined in federal law for 75 years but is threatened by bills pending in Congress.  


Nonetheless, the Obama National Labor Relations Board has filed a lawsuit against Arizona seeking to halt its protection of the right to secret ballot. Federal law governs labor relations, the NLRB asserts, and states cannot provide greater security for worker rights.  

Why is the Obama Administration taking such a profoundly anti-democratic position? The answer is simple: it's pay-off time for the massive labor union support Barack Obama received in the 2008 election.
...Continue Reading  

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