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Intercessors, levels, layers, of trusting...

How is it that we are to guard our hearts? There are many who will offer to surround us in prayer. Jesus would often get away with just a few of His disciples to pray, to eat, to pray, to rest, enjoy some quiet. Where do we find the solace needed in the blurry fray? How do we ask for prayer when good-hearted, well-intending souls apply? Do we share the inner depths of our heart's cry pain? Jesus spoke in parables for the masses, yet to His disciples He unfolded the mysteries. Ho! Do we hear the Spirit quicken saying "there is another for the secrets at hand, withold your tongue for now" and wait for the next instruction, my Lord? Prophetic intercession rests but with a few, (parables and riddles require time in His presence for clarity), deeper things congest the believer, and may even turn that fervent request, by the time it is passed around the church block into a curse against you. Forbid, No, not that! Yet the disciple that knows the Shepherd's voice,