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We just started the Church construction by

  Dr.Jorge and mom Anna Marie,       Peace be with you! we appreciate your prayers so much for the church construction.    I just want to share with you that our Church roof construction has been started  by FAITH after cyclone hit. All the surrounding place of the church (which is under construction)was flooded for past whole week. Now it is getting dried.   We enjoy the work of God in spite of much problem and difficulty to work in the mud now.    But our boys in the orphanage help so much in spite of many discomforts. Praise God for them.     NOW, WE ARE IN NEED OF SAND, CEMENT AND SOME MORE BRICKS BY TOMORROW. WE DON'T HAVE ANY FUNDS TO BUY THEM. WE TRUST IN THE LORD FOR HIS MIRACULOUS PROVISION BY TOMORROW IN ORDER TO BUY THE MATERIALS.     PLEASE STAND WITH US IN PRAYER AND SUPPORT IN THIS DESPERATE NEED.     WE ARE VERY MUCH CHALLENGED NOW.       THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STANDING WITH US. SPECIAL THANKS AND REGARDS TO YOU AND ALL YOUR FAMILY.           HOPE TO HEAR FROM

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Dear Friends in the ministry, Jean Marc Monteiro de Oliveira, International Evangelist with a miracle & healing ministry from Brazil will be returning with his family to Brazil in July. He & his family have been residing in the US since 2007 holding miracle & healing services & crusades as well as Pastors & Leader's Conferences in churches of all denominations & cultures, both here in the US & various nations. The Lord is leading them to return to Brazil to begin a church & a missionary training school in a new region for them in the large & influential city of Curitiba. The family is facing a great need right now & require your prayers for a miraculous provision. They are in need of shipping their items & furniture in a 40 ft. container back to Brazil where it will be received in the port in Rio de Janeiro. It will take approximately 3 months for their items to ship out to them & they are scheduled for the container to be del

Praise report from Indian orphanage-- a living testimony from 'Raju'

  Dr.Jorge and mom Anna Marie,    Thanks a lot for your great love and prayers and concern and being a channel of blessing.        In spite of all these challenges and oppositions and lackings, God has been using us powerfully. One of the praise things to share with you today is ONE OF OUR ORPHANAGE BOYS NAMELY BROTHER 'RAJU' GOT SECOND CLASS IN HIS 10TH CLASS EXAMS and including all other 9 boys in the orphanage. PRAISE GOD FOR THAT.                I JUST WANT TO SHARE ABOUT A BIT ABOUT BROTHER 'RAJU' HOW GOD HAS BEEN USING OUR CHILDREN THROUGH YOUR PRAYERS, LOVE AND HELP:        Brother Raju was rejected and sold out when he was very little(months baby) to a hindu family who were barren. Unfortunately the father was passed way due to heart problem when Raju was 4th years old. Later on the mother was paralysed. She has been laying down for years togather now. She is very old now.    But shocking thing is brother Raju does not know who is real parents who

REVIVALPOST from TAHITI (March-April 2010)

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you" (Is. 60:1) REVIVALPOST from TAHITI Edualdo, Aline, Kori, Erika, Silvio & Benji Cicero French Polynesia (South Pacific) March - April 2010   ---------------------------------------------------- Dear friends & partners, Since January there has been a lot of hurricanes that have come and gone to French Polynesia. The strongest hit the nation on February 4th, 2010, and was called "OLI". A lot of homes were destroyed but we thank God that just very few people were injured. The hurricane season is over now but was it ushering a whirlwind of changes for us in French Polynesia? Could very well be folks!! Oli was dancing over French Polynesia... the winds of change have come!!!   SPECIAL EVENTS Below are some of the major events that have happened recently. Marama Night This youth event was held for the very first time in the district of P

Haiti-Fresh From The Field Report by Anna Marie Parrott

  Equipping nations with the heart of the Father by connecting, strengthening,& expanding strategic relationships & stewarding donor relations with God's army. Haiti-Fresh From The Field Report by Anna Marie Parrott  by Anna Marie Parrott Haiti is still a country very much ravaged by the earthquake that occurred on Jan 12th. You cannot go anywhere without seeing the results: roads full of rubble and debris, almost to the point of impassability; buildings falling down, actually hanging over sidewalks where people are still running back and forth below; and everywhere tents and makeshift housing because many are afraid to sleep indoors or have no home to return to. At night I witnessed people sleeping under temporary shelters, which sometimes consisted of little more than a piece of plywood leaning against a wall, or a tattered piece of cloth tucked over a fence. It looked like m

Enjoying God….Strategically by Jorge Parrott

  Equiping nations with the heart of the Father by connecting, strengthening,& expanding strategic relationships & stewarding donor relations with God's army. Enjoying God….Strategically By Jorge Parrott Our deployment on earth is to enjoy God and overcome as we are trained to reign. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Violence requires strength in order to win. God sits in Heaven and laughs. God's ways calls for worshipers and priests leading the way into battle. God also has armies of angels, some really big ones at times, who can slay an evil horde in one night. He has us as foot soldiers, generals, teachers, cooks, and logistical dispatchers to fuel, equip, and encourage the army of God worldwide who is waking up for the epic battles ahead. How can laughter, praise, and joy unspeakable be weapons for war?  Of