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Haiti Review and Updates--Looking Ahead With Thanksgiving

 Greetings, Thank you for praying for Pastor Vincent and the work to rebuild Haiti. We thank God for your great generosity and prayers. Here is a report and links for updates on the work in Haiti.   Many spot reports of Haiti:   Vincent's web site is   Photos from Haiti recently. #   Main CMM site with more updates:   Special forces on Facebook.!/SpecialForcesMissions?ref=ts     We have had 15 teams go to Haiti since the earthquake to offer assistance to Pastor Astrel Vincent, MFM/CMM member, who has been a friend for 10 years of Jorge Parrott, director of MorningStar Missions. CMM merged into MorningStar in 2009. Vincent has a school that was built for 2,000 and after the quake he had 2,000 people living in the school for several months because it was relatively undama

Enjoying God...Strategically by Jorge Parrott

  Enjoying God….Strategically By Jorge Parrott   Our deployment on earth is to enjoy God and overcome as we are trained to reign. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Violence requires strength in order to win. God sits in Heaven and laughs. God's ways calls for worshipers and priests leading the way into battle. God also has armies of angels, some really big ones at times, who can slay an evil horde in one night. He has us as foot soldiers, generals, teachers, cooks, and logistical dispatchers to fuel, equip, and encourage the army of God worldwide who is waking up for the epic battles ahead.   How can laughter, praise, and joy unspeakable be weapons for war?   Of course God gives us all the tools and weapons we need to win.   He knows we will have the victory but his heart is for what we will learn as we fight. What does walking in the fullness of joy mean for the downtrodden, in debt, depressed,


  URGENT REQUEST: GEORGIA PRO-LIFE BILL STUCK IN COMMITTEE   Dear Jorge Parrott, As members and friends of The Oak Initiative, we want to make you aware of an urgent call to action in the U.S. State of Georgia as well as interventional prayer for the Body of Christ world-wide. This standard could be raised in every state and country and have great impact on Roe-v-Wade. Please read the following letter from Dean Nelson, Executive Director, Network of Politically Active Christians. We ask that you respond in any manner you are able - be it prayer, phone calls, and forwarding to your friends for the same. In His Service, The Oak Initiative Website Link: for this article ____________________________________________________________________________ U

Oak: Nevada Tea Party - Searchlight, Nevada

  Photos from Nevada Tea Party - Searchlight, Nevada -- March 27, 2010   Dear Jorge Parrott, SEARCHLIGHT, NEVADA TEA PARTY      In this letter, we want to share exciting photos from a recent Tea Party event. We are encouraged by these because they show an active citizenry which is always important for brining about change. It is also encouraging because we have heard that, for the most part, this event went on without negative behavior from those demonstrating and this reflects the core of American values.      Though The Oak Initiative is constantly being viewed as a political movement, that has never been our main vision and purpose. Our main goal is to wake up Christians and help them become the salt and light that they are called to be in our times, and by this we think that our government, and all other institutions will be impacted in the right way. We see good governmen

The Church construction progress in India adds the roof!

  Dr.Jorge and CMM,    How are you? Our daily prayers are with you.             Yori and me are extremely happy today for starting the Church roof construction.   The construction work is going on actively now. It will be going on for one week of time.   After that they will put concret slab/roof.    But we need some funds immediately to buy cement,bricks and iron. At least we are in need of $15,00 for now to buy the materials still.The prices are increased.                                  Thank you so much for prayers and support. Please continue to pray and stand with this project.  I don't want to be a burden. I just want to share with you to be prayed for. Thank you so much for all your help.                      Hope to hear from you soon,                          your son and daughter in Christ,                            Jai&Yori.   Note: please you can see the pictures of  today's Church construction work.Please look at them. YOu will have a better idea.

Link for new pictures of Veronica's work in DR to Haitian refugees


Obama's Private Army Now Law. Hidden in Health Care Bill

  President's Private Army Now Law. Hidden in Health Care Bill   Dear Jorge Parrott, President's Private Army Now Law. Hidden in Health Care Bill      The healthcare bill contains a provision that allows the President to appoint officers in a new army corp. It is an astonishing section that was passed in this bill. See the Fox News report below followed by the actual language in the law. (You can read the entire bill on our website from the link at ) SEC. 5210. ESTABLISHING A READY RESERVE CORPS. Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 204) is amended to read as follows: ` SEC. 203. COMMISSIONED CORPS AND READY RESERVE CORPS. `(a) Establishment- `(1) IN GENERAL- There shall be in the Service a commissioned Regular Corps and a

India: Persecution from hindus won't stop Worship-Now ready to worship the Lord along the road side...

  Dr.Jorge and CMM family,    How are you? Hope you got all my e-mails with the updates of the situation here that we are going through.          Till now, we have not found any place nor room to worship the Lord. Still we are trying to find a proper room or house to worship the Lord. If don't get it, we are ready to pitch a tent(if don't have any oppositions nor hinderances from the anti-Christian community)or without any tent somewhere along the road side, we want to conduct the Good Friday meeting and Easter and all other worship services till we the church building is completed. Of courese it is summer season. The weather is very hot now.     We are very much challenged now. Our enemy has been attacking many areas through people and circumstances.      Please continue to pray that our believers will have courage and bravity to stand in their faith in spite of all these challenges and discomforts.                Thank you so much for all your prayers and  support for