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Photos from Nevada Tea Party - Searchlight, Nevada -- March 27, 2010


Dear Jorge Parrott,


     In this letter, we want to share exciting photos from a recent Tea Party event. We are encouraged by these because they show an active citizenry which is always important for brining about change. It is also encouraging because we have heard that, for the most part, this event went on without negative behavior from those demonstrating and this reflects the core of American values.

     Though The Oak Initiative is constantly being viewed as a political movement, that has never been our main vision and purpose. Our main goal is to wake up Christians and help them become the salt and light that they are called to be in our times, and by this we think that our government, and all other institutions will be impacted in the right way. We see good government, and other such consequences being the fruit, not the goal of our movement.

     You can have the best form of government but still have bad government if you do not have good people in it. This is not to belittle the importance of the form of government, but it is also to put our values in the right priority. As the great historian Will Durant wrote, "Caesar sought to change men by changing institutions. Christ changed institutions by changing men." God's work is always about building people, not just organizations, or institutions, but people who have His light in their heart.

Tea Party Rally to Oust Harry Reid Searchlight, Nevada -- March 27, 2010
Photos 2010 - American Border Patrol

WeVote-1.jpg     YouCantfixstupid.jpg
ConstitutionStupid-1.jpg     GetLostHarry.jpg
FedGovtNewOrganizedCrime.jpg    RepealHealth.jpg

The movement is spreading and the message is clear: The People will be Heard!


In His Service,

The Oak Initiative


{At this time the Oak Initiative is not endorsing any candidate on the Federal, State, or Local levels. No candidate endorsement forms are to be passed out at any Oak Initiative meetings. Just like Right to Life, Michigan Family Forum, or any other Christian group, our purpose is not to endorse candidates. Instead, it is to inform people about issues and candidates.}


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