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Special Forces: Nathan Dodge 3rd Year Intern "A Life Update"

  Dear Family and Friends, Our God is Love! I pray that you know and see this Love in your life, in a deeper way today than ever before. You are made like Him, you are made in the likeness of Love! At the moment I am loving the wonderful aroma coming from five gallons of the best spaghetti sauce I have ever made, which is sitting on my kitchen table. Even better than the fact that my bunk is going to smell great for the next week, not to mention the eating, is the testimony behind this huge pot of goodness. Today we raised more than $1,000 towards our SF deployments to Costa Rica and Nicaragua with the "Jail and Bail,' which is now the must successful fund-raising event of the year! Basically we served a full spaghetti lunch to anyone who was willing to be "arrested" and call their friends to post bail, all of this going to our deployments. The team was awesome! I thank God for each of them and for His faithfulness in providing!  Now for the rest of the story.