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Nicaragua: Earl Thurner

  Hola from Nicaragua!       I will wait to send updates after a few days of seeing the display of God and trying to work with folks here to capture some of the things that will take place so you can enjoy Him and also the fruit of your prayers and giving. I will post things on facebook so you can always go to my wall, Earl Thurner if you are on facebook and see some wonderful things!      You can see Pastor Jairo speaking to 2 rival gangs who fought at a soccer match and Jairo was asked by the police chief to speak to them.  Afterwards they reconciled and the TV crew came and it was on the news.  Today I will speak on the TV show we have in Dario and you cannot walk down the streets without recognition because many watch the TV show weekly(on Tuesdays and Fridays for one hour) and there are miracle testimonies each week, with worship and the gospel of the kingdom being preached.        Hannah is a little girl, the daughter of Jairo and Clary and while in the womb complications de

REVIVALPOST from TAHITI (Summer 2011)

  "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you" (Is. 60:1) REVIVALPOST from TAHITI Edualdo, Aline, Kori, Erika, Silvio & Benji Cicero French Polynesia (South Pacific) Summer 2011   ---

India: Sudarsanam Samuel College of Theology Requests

  Dear Dr. Jorge Greetings to you in the precious and wonderful name of Jesus Christ. As you know that I have heart to  start school of Ministry in our region, I am planning to start Bible school in our church. We could successfully finish School of Ministry in 2009. But due to No finance we did not run the school last year. But this year of 2011, I am praying and asking God to provide finance to run the school from month of October to February. It is my desire that Teams from Morning Star to visit in these months and spend 2 or more weeks of time to teach 1 or 2 subjects to the Bible Students in the school.  if God brings you during these months to equip saints and to teach students would be great blessing for us. What do you think?  I just wrote to brother Darren and just requested him if he can make his way to India to teach Discipleship subject. So as I am praying for the school of Ministry in our place to happen this year. Please think and pray with me that God may

Bolivia: Update from Jaime Torrico-Family Newsletter

  August 2011 Dear co-workers on the vineyard of the Lord:   Greetings and love in our precious Savior Jesus Christ. The beginning of this year looked a little uncertain, filled with difficulties and social agitation in our country, for the grace of the Lord through this uncertainty little by little we have found a way for our activities. Besides our regular activities on the church and the many conferences nation wide, we were invited on the middle of February to help in the church of Tarata, a town like 37 Kilometers from Cochabamba; we accepted this challenge with some fear. We have found a lot to do as days have passed because this is an active and working church, since they work in 7 new places around the main church. Today we need to pray many times to try to reach so many needs. And as this would not be enough, we will have an activity with like 100 children ahead. You can imagine that time is gold for us; and now we can beg the Lord for workers for His field to h