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 From PG Vargis, largest church planter in India. HE WILL PROTECT YOU                                   Tuesday - March 31, 2009 "The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen." – 2 Timothy 4:18 In July 2008, The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a Washington-based research group, released a report stating they had tested nearly 1,000 sunscreen lotions and found that 4 out of 5 lotions analyzed offer inadequate protection from the sun or they contained harmful chemicals that caused skin damage if used over a period of time. The report stated that the biggest offenders were industry leaders: Coppertone, Banana Boat and Neutrogena. The report highlighted a long-standing health concern that sunscreens do not offer blanket protection from the sun and they do little to prevent the most deadly form of skin cancer. "More than 1 million cases of skin cancer will be dia

Pray for Jai and Yori in India

  Dr.Jorge, Remember sister Satyavathi who was an innocent girl(12years)got a sickness which nobody knew?   I AM SO SAD TO SAY THAT SISTER 'SATAYVATHI' PASSED AWAY YESTERDAY. She had only bones/skeleton by the time she died. We as a family of LLM took the body and burried her body. Sister Satyavathi has one little brother(7years old) and grand father.      They live along the road side in a hut. Today our co-workers and me went and prayed for them too. The grand-father and the little boy are living i the hut without any proper food and drink.    I am planning to pick the boy and put in our orphanage.    Please do pray for this boy and the entire situation in the family.               Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. God bless you. Our prayers are with you.              IN HIS FIELD,              Jai&Yori.        So many new options, so little time. Windows Live Messenger.

Call To Prayer

    ***Please consider forwarding this message to your email contact lists*** Call to Prayer Today, March

Pray so Christians will not be silenced. Your free speech rights as believers are being targeted.

 This is from a friend, Karen Williams, who lived in Fort Mill, SC and now lives in Massachusetts. _______________      My heart is heavily burdened because I see many signs leading to the silencing of Christians. We have been seeing them for years and they are rapidly increasing. We are now living in the days when good is called evil and evil is called good. This is profoundly evident here in Massachusetts .       I have the privilege of praying in the State House building (equivalent to the State Capitol) once a month. In addition to praying for souls, we pray over many bills that are being brought before the state legislature . Currently the gay activists have at least eight bills they are trying to push through, including one that would make it a hate crime to publically speak or write against transgender and gay people, even in churches. Some of the gay activists here have been laboring hard in San Francisco .       It is my understanding that there is a resolution being

Pray for Yai and Yori In India--one month baby in hospital and orphans in need of prayer.

  Dr.Jorge and CMM family,     How are you? I am sorry I could not write any e-mails for past four or five days due to my busy schedule and tough time.     I just want to share with you couple things:            Firstly, I am so glad to share with you that our LLM Gopel Team and me have been so busy with our evangelistic work. We could visit many peoples' houses and shared the gospel of Jesus.          As a result, three hindu people gave their lives to Jesus and accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal savior and got water Baptism yesterday. These three people are from strong Hindu background. There are two ladies and one man. I could change their names also into christian names such as Naiomi, Mercy, and Issac.  This is something tremendous result to see in the LLM Gospel Team work. Praise God for this project.          We don't have any funds for this project.Nobody  is there to support for this project. Of course there are some needs for this Evangelism project.


      An amazing event that should be starting about when you get to work. Just wanted you to know... and PRAY * * * * FLASH TRAFFIC: WASHINGTON UPDATE * * * * EXCLUSIVE: CURIOUS DEVELOPMENT IN SYRIA By Joel C. Rosenberg ( Washington , D.C. , March 2, 2009 ) -- On Monday night, something remarkable is going to take place in the capital of Syria . More than 1,100 senior Syrian government officials, journalists, business leaders and religious leaders -- Muslim, Catholic and evangelical Christian -- will attend the gala premiere of a major motion picture entitled "DAMASCUS," written, produced and directed by entirely Arab Christians. The film, part documentary and part narrative drama, tells the story of how Saul of Tarsus -- one of the first prominent persecutors of Christ-followers in the Holy Land -- himself became a follower of Jesus during a miraculous encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus and eventually became known as the Apostle Paul, go