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Fwd: Partner Exclusive: Opportunity to Receive Prophetic Ministry

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Haiti: WHO cholera report

  Cholera in Haiti - update 3 17 November 2010 -- On 16 November, the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) reported that as of 14 November, 17 418 cumulative number of hospitalized admissions and 1 065 deaths were reported from seven Departments in the country. The departments reporting cases include Artibonite, Centre, Nord, Nord-Ouest, Nord Est, Ouest, and Sud. In metropolitan Port-au-Prince, communes reporting increases in cases include Carrefour, Cite Soleil, Delmas, Kenscoff, Petion Ville, and Tabarre. The rise in the number of cases in Cite Soleil is particularly concerning, due to its crowded living conditions, poor sanitation, and lack of access to potable water. On 16 November, Dominican Republic registered its first case of cholera in a 32-year-old male returning from Haiti. PAHO/WHO Response The Government of Haiti has established an emergency response centre at the National Palace to better coordinate a national response to the

Tahiti: Earl Thurner and Edualdo Cicero-Great Day of Answered Prayers-Miracle in the Marketplace

  Iaorana and Bonjour!!      I sent you an update and also asked you to pray about the meetings I would be having with pastors and also the representative from Wallis and Futuna Islands, a French Territory at the far end of Polynesia near the Fiji Islands.  It was just an incredible day and it has been an amazing outreach to Tahiti and Moorea, such a fantastic time.      Malia-Petolo Gaveau is the Wallis and Futuna delegate in French Polynesia.  She is the grandaughter of a previous king and is now living in Tahiti, representing her nation.  Wallis and Futuma is a 3 island chain of 15,000 people and Jana counseled her in August and the Ciceros have been developing a relationship with her.  I met with her yesterday with Aline about a personal issue and God moved powerfully in that situation and also we blessed her financially and are planning to support some of the projects she is establishing in French Polynesia to help the people of her nation.  We received a great testimony from h


  Dr.Jorge and mother Anna Marie,    Grace and peace to you  through our Lord Jesus Christ.   We are very much thankful to you and mother Anna Marie and all the CMM family for your prayers and being a channel of blessing for past whole year of 2010. May the Lord bless you and reward according to His riches in glory.   Yori and me and all the LLM family want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND PRAYERS AND HELP.    We are very much happy to send you our LLM Christmas Outreaches and New Year cards.    This year we are planning and praying to reach 2010 lost souls through these Christmas outreaches both in jungle and plain areas.    Please share this vision and cards to all the family of CMM. Please encourage them to be a blessing in this special outreaches.    THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.                                 IN HIS FIELD,                             YOUR SON AND DAUGHTER IN CHRIST,                                     JAI&YORI

Malawi: Harvey Chabinga- Outreach In Nsanje district close to Mozambique

  Rev Jorge   Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus our savior. This week end  we had to go to do the outreach far south that we travel led close to 1000 thousand km to and from. It could have been very tough to carry the Jesus Film equipment using public transport but we hired a small car hope you have seen it, attached are the pictures. On Friday we showed Jesus film but the equipment had problems, so it was not finished but it was done half way but at the end we shared the word that 56 people gave their lives to Christ. On Saturday morning we had a healing service and we prayed for many people who were sick and the Lord touched many people. Then on Saturday we had the equipment fixed when we showed Jesus to the end we had a big group responding to the altar call that close to 205 people gave their lives to Christ. But unfortunately all the pictures that we got at night during Jesus film show could not come out clear. On Saturday Sunday many people came to church, whils

Gang leaders coming to Jesus in El Salvador-Pray!

Pray for El Salvador.  Wilson Fauber, a MorningStar/CMM Missionary has had remarkable breakthroughs in ministering in a gang infected area and bringing cleansing. Read his report. If you are led to support his efforts Mail your investment to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.  INTERCESSORS NEEDED! I AM ASKING FOR PRAYER: MINISTRY TRIP Greeting in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus! I am about to embark on an incredible ministry journey to El Salvador, Central America. I covet the prayers of intercessors and prayer warriors like you. I am sending this email to only a select group of close brothers and sisters asking for you to agree with me in prayer and intercede as the Lord leads. If you feel led to pass this along to others, please do, and have them join. I have made 21 trips to El Salvador (4 others to Brazil) during the last (soon to be) 9 years, since our Lord Jesus miraculously healed me. THIS TRIP IS UNLIKE ANY PREVIOUS TRIP. This trip will begin Monday morning as Anita takes

India: Jai's wife and two daughters have typhoid -Pray

 Dr. Jorge and mother Anna Marie,    I am  sad to inform you that my wife and two of my daughters are diagnosed with typhoid.  Now, three of members are suffering from typhoid now. It is very challenging me to handle the situation with three people at a time. Hephzibah and Yori are very sick and weak now. There is no any vehicle to run around. Other side there has been cyclone hit, heavy rains.    Please do pray for God's strength and healing.   I am very much challenged with hospital bills. Please do pray for God's provision for the hospital bills.So that I won't be ashamed among these non-believers.     thank you so much for standing with us.          you son in Christ,                  Jai From MorningStar/CMM Missionaries in Eastern AP India. If God leads you to give send in your gift to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. Write on memo line Jai and Yori.  Visit to read more.

Pray for Haiti: Tomas Intensifies into Cat. 1 Hurricane

Subject: MORE PRAYER NEEDED: Tomas Intensifies into Cat. 1 Hurricane Reply-To: Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Friday Nov. 5, 2010 MORE PRAYER NEEDED: Tomas Intensifies into Cat. 1 Hurricane—Passes Close to Haiti Today According to an update from The Weather Channel, tropical storm Tomas intensified overnight, becoming a category 1 hurricane. Although it does not appear to be making a direct hit on the island—it is moving just in between Haiti and Cuba—the hurricane-force winds and rain will likely bring more hardship to the Haitian people who were dealt a deadly blow in January with the devastating earthquake. READ MORE AT THIS LINK: ************************************* Visit our webstore and check out... "Streams of Worship" a Collection of Worship Songs by Various Artists--the 2nd