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Suicide Stopped in Traffic By Angel of the Lord

Subject: Suicide Stopped in Traffic By Angel of the Lord                                         Suicide Stopped In Traffic By Angel of the Lord        This acts of the goodness of God never cease to amaze me and fill me with wonder!  Edualdo and I were on our way to the prophetic roundtable we were hosting in the Upper Room in Papeete, which by the way was just phenomenal!  As we were driving Edualdo received a phone call from his wife saying that a Tahitian woman who I remembered from my days in Moorea had dropped off her 2 kids at the house and said she was going to commit suicide by crashing her car into something.  Aline tried to convince her not to do it but the woman left.  Without going into the details of the situation, we immediately began to pray for God to intervene and after awhile I personally felt it would not happen and the Lord would rescue her.  How He did it is worth this story she told me this morning when I met her at the Cicero home.  This woman has an amazin

Urgent Prayer Request from YWAM Haiti

From: Breaking Christian News < > Date: October 21, 2010 1:15:04 PM EDT Subject: Urgent Prayer Request from YWAM Haiti Reply-To: Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Thurs. October 21 , 2010 Urgent Prayer Request from YWAM Haiti An u rgent prayer request from founder and national director of YWAM Haiti, Terry Snow. That prayer bulletin follows, thank you for praying. From YWAM Haiti: We'd like to call people to prayer for our city and the countryside surrounding it. There seems to be an outbreak of some kind of a water-borne disease where people who contract it come down with severe diarrhea resulting in death within 24-48 hours. We do not have concrete numbers of how many have actually died to date, only scattered reports from Haitians seeking aid and purified water saying; "Many, Many, Many people are dead or sick!" The hospital in St Marc is filli

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