Suicide Stopped in Traffic By Angel of the Lord

Subject: Suicide Stopped in Traffic By Angel of the Lord

                                        Suicide Stopped In Traffic By Angel of the Lord
     This acts of the goodness of God never cease to amaze me and fill me with wonder!  Edualdo and I were on our way to the prophetic roundtable we were hosting in the Upper Room in Papeete, which by the way was just phenomenal!  As we were driving Edualdo received a phone call from his wife saying that a Tahitian woman who I remembered from my days in Moorea had dropped off her 2 kids at the house and said she was going to commit suicide by crashing her car into something.  Aline tried to convince her not to do it but the woman left.  Without going into the details of the situation, we immediately began to pray for God to intervene and after awhile I personally felt it would not happen and the Lord would rescue her.  How He did it is worth this story she told me this morning when I met her at the Cicero home.  This woman has an amazing prophetic gift and call upon her life and like with many families in this nation, there is just such devastation, such pain and such difficulty. 
     As she was driving in traffic she was startled to see a fog developing outside the windshield of her car. Then the fragrance of the plumeria or frangipani flower filled the car.  Now the plumeria is the flower used in making Hawaiian leis.  It is propeller shaped with delicate yellow center that melts into creamy white outer petals.  It is highly scented, especially at night!  So as this fog is developing and the fragrance of plumeria fills the car, in the fog, a huge man appears.  He has dark hair, ebony like.  He identifies himself as the angel of the Lord.  She tries to reach out to him with her hand through the windshield and her hand feels like it is suspended and in space as she explains it.  Here she is, getting ready to kill herself in deep despair, prayers are being prayed for her and God begins to intervene.
     She is telling me this story with Edualdo and Aline at the table.  Next to her is her 10 year old daughter hugging her, kissing her arm, so happy she is there.  Her son is drawing pictures for me, one saying in English, "I love you Earl".  The daughter draws a picture of Jesus defeating Satan.  It is quite a moment.  She goes on with her story.
     The angel of the Lord begins to cry....
          "I still need you.  I know it is hard for you.  I still need you"
     The woman is stunned. 
          "I came to you personally because I saw the integrity of your heart.  You do not need to
                                   feel worthy, I am worthy for you"
     The woman struggles with this, it has been her lifelong struggle.  For many reading this, it has been our struggle in varying degrees, has it not been?  To fathom this kind of love, this kind of acceptance, celebrated by the Father, embraced fully because of the death of His son.
     She knew then, she needed to choose life.  She described the angel further.  He had a belt and the word Truth was inscribed on the belt.  He had a shield and one word was on the shield, Faith.  His name was glory of God.  She chose to live.  She turned turned on the air conditioner to get the fog out of the car and as she did it all vanished and the angel was gone.  It was then that she heard all the blaring of the horns as she was driving too slow in the traffic and those behind her wanted her to speed up.
     As we all ministered to her to believe the truth about herself no matter how devastating her life of abuse had been, no matter how worthless and not valuable she felt as a result, the presence of God began to descend in the dining area.  I remarked how she had such precious children.  Aline said that her 10 year old daughter had won a contest and was to have lunch with the President of French Polynesia with 20 other kids as a reward.  "I want to be the President of French Polynesia", she said with incredible boldness. She had 2 dreams already that she would President someday! In a household of such trauma, with a mom who was going to kill herself, a family in chaos, she was convinced she would be President.  Many times her mom said, she would tell the mother her true value and worth and not believe lies about herself. Her brother wanted to  be a Vetenerian, he was about 6 or 7. It was just a glorious moment!  Don't you just love the Lord!
     Then as I laid hands on her head and prayed, she began to weep profusely and afterwards she shared why.  She said that as the hand came upon her head she went into a vision.  She saw the Lord Jesus begin to was her feet with the oil of revival and anoint her head with oil which He signified was the renewal of the mind 
     May the Lord touch your heart through this story.  Tonight is Marama Night for the youth and we believe many will encounter the beauty of His face and be embraced by His love.  Tomorrow we are off the island of Moorea to see more of the gospel of the kingdom, doing good and healing the oppressed.  Pray for the rains to stop and they will.  Thanks to all of you who have been praying and supporting this outreach to a nation we have returned to and see transformatin nationally, there is no doubt, not a shred of doubt at all that it will happen!!!
                                                                                           Living in eternity, earl and jana


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