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Back to Back Storms Leave Haiti Farmers Reeling

   Christ''s Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive Back to Back Storms Leave Haiti Farmers Reeling Jonathan Katz Aug 31, 2008 Dear CMM Family,   Please continue to pray for Pastor Vincent in Haiti. I spoke with Vincent Sunday morning and he says in City Soleil there are reports of 600 dead so far. The news media is not reporting that yet, perhaps awaiting confirmation by government or UN sources. Vincent said 1 person in their church perished in the hurricane and 20 people are homeless from his church and all living in Vincent's house. Vincent is asking for help in buying clean water and food for these people. We did send down all emergency funds that came in, but more is needed. He reports that the government and UN have done nothing so far to help in feeding the hungry and thirsty in City Soleil, the poorest neighborhood in the western hemisphere. We are able to get funds directly to Past

Violence Against Christians by Hindus Explodes in Orissa, India

   Christ''s Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive Violence Against Christians by Hindus Explodes in Orissa, India Hari Kumar Aug 29, 2008 Thousands homeless after Hindu-Christian violence in India By Hari Kumar Friday, August 29, 2008 NEW DELHI: At least 3,000 people, most of them Christians, are living in government-run relief camps after days of Christian-versus-Hindu violence in eastern India, government officials said. The government said that many people were also living in the jungle without any shelter and security because of the tensions, which erupted in violence after a Hindu leader was killed Saturday. At least 10 people, most of them Christians, have been killed since. Christian community leaders say that at least 1,000 Christian homes have been set on fire since Monday, rendering more than 5,000 people homeless. Many of those living in the ju

Emergency Prayers For Haiti After Hurricane Gustav Ravages Island

   Christ''s Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive Emergency Prayers For Haiti After Hurricane Gustav Ravages Island Jorge Parrott and CMM volunteers Aug 28, 2008 Greetings Dear Friend of the Lord, The island of Hispanola, which consists of Haiti and Dominican Republic has been hard hit by Hurricane Gustav. Pastors Veronica and Javier and Jacqueline report that the Dominican Republic received heavy rains and wind, but not like Haiti. Pastor Vincent, in his phone call a few minutes ago, said one of his church members was killed by the storm. Twenty people are living in his home after losing their homes. They have had no electricity for a week. Food is available but Vincent lacks funds to feed everyone. We are making an urgent appeal for funds for water and food. You can call in by credit card to 704-517-2557, or go online to: to donate securely. Designate fo

CMM Argentina--5,000 Attend Fiesta del Espíritu Santo!

   Christ''s Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive CMM Argentina--5,000 Attend Fiesta del Espíritu Santo! Evelyn Jimenez Saint Aug 27, 2008 Check into our new mission site!!! (in English!)                      This web is meant to share our work in Argentina with our dearest English-speaking friends!! In our web site you will find our archive of newsletters, photos, testimonies and (what I hope!): a most interesting web site for you to visit and recommend to your friends. And of course, we will be adding photos and info over the time…                                                                       Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez-Saint /Argentina              CMM PO Box 7705 Charlotte NC 28241                                  Life is short, and we have never too much t

A Higher Type of Faith

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis [ ] -----                       A Higher Type Of Faith I am actively at work in your circumstances. I am working behind the scenes for your good and I will cause My glory to shine forth into every one of your circumstances. I expect you to trust Me to do this in your life, because you know that I am your loving Heavenly Father, and you know that I take good care of My own. Dear one, there are going to be times when I will choose not to explain precisely what I am doing to you. That is because I want to give an opportunity for your faith to grow. There are two types of faith that I want to foster in you--the first is faith in My promises, and the other is faith in Me and in My goodness. The second is greater than the first. That is why I choose, at times, to withhold My explanation and ask you to simply trust Me. That fosters the greater type of faith. It is one thing to trust in a word that I have given you, having faith t

Greetings from Guatemala! a SUNNY land for shiny people! Updates and more.

Greetings Friend,   Anna and I have had a blessed and busy time, speaking and ministering in two churches Sunday, bringing some refreshing word to encourage and challenge. The churches are doing well and Mario´s is packed out. They are vibrant in a neighborhood of gangs, drugs, and hopelessness. God is moving and people are hungry. We are expecting reports of breakthroughs and some were healed that night with words of knowledge and the love of the Father flowing like a River. We know God is moving in your life too, because of your passion for Him. We miss you and love you. What a marvelous time to connect with the growing family of God globally. The River is life and love and the River flows through you. Watch out!   We also have had a great time with our oldest son, Orion, here with us. He is hiking up a volcano today, where you can see flowing lava. We will have some great photos.   Remember, this Saturday 10am to noon is the open house for the CMMNNCT school. If you have an


   Kathie Walters Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive KATHIE - MY OFFERING RE LAKELAND - KATHIE Aug 15, 2008 Hi everyone - re Lakeland etc .   By now everyone must have heard of the break up of Todd's marriage. Unfortunately it's not that rare these days is it, for many divorced and re-married people are in the ministry. The great Methodist preacher, John Wesley had a terrible disastrous marriage. Although he didn't divorce his wife, she was a thorn in the flesh to him. She would drag him around the room by his hair, hit him, verbally abuse him, and try to wreck his meetings and ministry. I would encourage you to encourage people and pray for them and not beat them up. Bearing in mind that the Holy Spirit is  "the encourager." it doesn't seem too encouraging to me to kick people when they are down. Where's the redemptive quality in that?     As I was checking on some of the info I came acr

Send in your application for CMMNCCT College of Theology today!

   Hands For Christ International Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive Send in your application for CMMNCCT College of Theology today! Dr. Jorge Parrott Aug 13, 2008 Hello Dear Friend of God, Time is fast approaching for classes beginning September 13 for accredited US degrees from CMMNCCT available by correspondence worldwide. Download the application from our website at: and complete it and email it to or fax to 888-816-0725 or postal mail to 834 Tyvola Rd Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28217. Email for financial aid form today. A limited number of scholarships are available, so don't delay. An open house is set for next week August 23 at 10am to noon at the school in Charlotte. We hope to hear from you soon. Our Purpose NCCT, as a Spirit-filled evangelical community, is dedicated to the preparation of men and women for effective, Spirit-filled leadership

CMM Joins With mPoWR To Offer Business Loans To Entrepeneurs and Missionaries!

CMM is happy to announce the formation of a partnership with mPOWR to help fund and kick start businesses produce income to help with ministry expenses. This innovative idea is just beginning as a real and identifiable step into "taking ministry into the marketplace." Some loans are as small as $25.00 and that make all the difference in some nations to having a viable, profitable enterprise. Please pray and review the current group of CMM projects we seek partners for at the below links. You can earn a return on your investment and help really bring change to lives in poor nations. You can invest as little or as much as you want, from $25.00 to a million! Please visit these sites and pray for success and fruit. If you know of a missionary or servant hearted friend in a third world nation who has a business idea, please contact CMM at 704-225-3927 or email Current CMM projects: Women's Empowerment Project-Liberia:

Building Team needed in Dominican Republic, stay in seaside villa while serving!

Greetings, Pastor Veronica needs a building team to clean, paint, and repair a building that holds 600  in Palmar de Ocoa near my villa, it seats about 600 people a to rent it to us for 265.00 a month so we need a building team to come help us paint and set up a computer lab, and sowing school, can you put out an SOS to see if people want to partner with us.  If you have an interest let me know. She has a compound that sleeps 30 right on the beach in a poor town. Her website is: Blessings, Jorge Parrott -- To View Photo Albums: For all your travel needs visit: PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 Pay off your mortgage in 8-11 years, click to be debt free!! Watch:

CMM is now part of a micro-enterprise loan group mPower--Do you have a business idea? Do you need money to grow or start your business?

Greetings CMM Missionary, Do you have an idea for a business? Has it been hard or impossible to get a loan in your nation? Would you be able to start small and work to grow your business concept? Do you need funds? Is your business socially responsible? Does your business seek to honor the Lord? If so, this is for you. Kingdom minded businesses will change the world. Please go sign up as a field partner at: Please take time to prayerfully consider your business plan. Be sure to fill in spaces fully and answer questions completely. They are not mind readers. Be prepared when we or others come to inspect how their funds are invested. To whom much is given, much is required. You will be accountable for your business and the repayment of your loan. Your word, spoken and written, is your bond.  If you need help with formulating, writing a business plan, or developing a business focus, let us know at CMM. Write