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Aug 15, 2008

Hi everyone - re Lakeland etc.
By now everyone must have heard of the break up of Todd's marriage. Unfortunately it's not that rare these days is it, for many divorced and re-married people are in the ministry. The great Methodist preacher, John Wesley had a terrible disastrous marriage. Although he didn't divorce his wife, she was a thorn in the flesh to him. She would drag him around the room by his hair, hit him, verbally abuse him, and try to wreck his meetings and ministry. I would encourage you to encourage people and pray for them and not beat them up. Bearing in mind that the Holy Spirit is  "the encourager." it doesn't seem too encouraging to me to kick people when they are down. Where's the redemptive quality in that?  
As I was checking on some of the info I came across some websites with very critical articles about Todd and Lakeland and other well known prophetic type ministries. Of course my name was also out there on the "hit lists," but I am not as big and famous as people like Heidi Baker, Bob Jones, Todd, Rick Joyner etc., so they didn't spend all that time on me as they do with people like Rick, Bob J, Bobby Conner, and Paul Keith.
I felt very sick after I read some of the stuff. I mean physically sick. I wondered what it was about the articles that affected me that way. Then I  realized that it was bitterness. In Hebrews 12 it has a very strong warning about bitterness

Heb 12:14-15
Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:
Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled;
Many people have forwarded me emails they have received that were mean, unkind and very bitter,  and I have replied to them, saying,  "Unsubscribe from that list, it is full of bitterness."  Bitterness can come out of someone and DEFILE other people. Isn't it odd that some sins, especially sexual sins are just not acceptable, but unkind words, unforgiveness, anger, spite, critical spirits, fear and skepticism are tolerated! ( it does classify in Revelation 21 that the unbelieving and fearful will be cast into the lake of fire along with the murderers).
Funny enough a couple of the articles that were full of bitterness and resentment  said they were saying (more like spewing) all these things " in love."  There was nothing loving about any of it. When you speak in love- you appeal- you don't make blanket judgments. Jesus gave us a warning about making judgments - He said they would come back to you. That's pretty scary if you think about it.
Did you realize that judgment come from pride? If  you make judgments then you are assuming the position of God. We are not given permission to judge someone's motives.  We have all done or said some dumb things sometimes. I don't know any ministry that has it all together and has never messed up. We have been in the ministry for 35 years by the way, I didn't come out of the woodwork overnight, or grow up with the mushrooms yesterday.
Am I saying that we just swallow everything, that we never ask a question, or have a caution or use any discernment? No of course not - No we are not jump on to the first new thing that happens to come along.  It is not wise for leaders to immediately endorse a new powerful event, it's tempting to see it as an opportunity to receive part of the credit, if it goes well.
Unfortunately, if it goes bad then they end up with egg  on their faces and lose some credibility . 
If you don't want your church or yourself  to be attacked,  then don't have any supernatural  move, don't move out in the prophetic, don't have any miracles and then you will be left alone ( and bored.) 
I am not a dummy and I wasn't  born yesterday. My pastor was probably the greatest expository preacher in the world, so I did not lack for good theology and I could probably out-theologize most people. BUT - in all the discerning and figuring out - be careful about judging people's hearts and motives. Jesus did not judge by what He saw or heard - and we are not supposed to do that either. You can't go by what you see with your eyes or hear with your ears - you have to discern the heart  BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD.
I had to laugh at this guy who said he went to a prophetic conference at Kansas City - he believed he had a message from God and his message was not received by the other prophets who were ministering there. They didn't know who he was and had never heard of him for a start.  Well guess what?  In his opinion, all the other prophets were wrong and he was the only one who was right?? He seemed to be very resentful about it and has been attacking them ever since.    
I went to Lakeland - I didn't get any particular impartation or anything - a bit loud and noisy for me, too "hypey" ( is there such a word?) But, I know many many people who got powerfully impacted and carried that same power and anointing back to their cities all over the world, and their lives were profoundly changed, like the testimony I just sent out from Michelle who just graduated form the school in Lakeland. That was a powerful testimony to the love of God to shower us with His benefits 
Does that mean that Todd Bentley is totally "approved" by God in every area of his life? - not it doesn't, but God honors your faith and He doesn't use us because of us - more like in spite of us. Thousands thronged to William Branham even after he got to believing he was Elijah. People still got healed - God honored their faith, but God lifted His grace in the end. It wasn't all William Branham's fault as some of the people seemed to almost worship him because of the great gift in operation. 
When a man gets into pride, (if you think you are Elijah I would say there is some pride and deception there,)  then God lifts His grace and then you fall into the first hole that you come to. 
We are all kept only by the grace of God. Humility is knowing that it's ALL GOD by the way. Your salvation, your sanctification your redemption is totally because of God's grace - there not one thing you can add to what Jesus has done for you.
People who think their calling is to correct  the Body of Christ must  assume that have all the answers. 
You have to learn to listen to the witness in your spirit -You have been given the witness in your spirit  to teach you. The anointing within you is to teach you. He will witness to the truth in your spirit.  

But the anointing which ye have received of him abides in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teaches you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it has taught you, you shall abide in him  (1 John 2:27.)
Don't eat bitter fruit or take in bitter words - it is not healthy. The Love and grace of God is your portion.  
One time years ago when David and I were traveling in America ( we lived in  London at the time)  we ministered in some house groups in the North Atlanta area. On the Sunday  we were due to speak at one of the larger house groups. We had not met this particular house group leader before and so one of the other elders took us  to the house on Saturday night to meet the pastor in charge of the Sunday  group.
We went to this man's house. Myself, David, and a girl who was traveling  with us on that trip. Her name was Sue. When we knocked on the door a nice 
looking man answered. He welcomed us and I assumed he was the leader we were there to meet. As he shook my hand and smiled at me- I saw a spirit of 
adultery in his eyes. It was not a hidden thing, it was bold I must say  that it shocked me. I could see from Sue's face that she saw it too.
We went on into the living room and there were a number of people standing  and sitting around, chatting.
An old minister/friend from England  ( Arthur Burt) was sitting there, talking to someone  and seemed oblivious. I couldn't understand it - surely if I could see this, 
Arthur could see it. He had been in the ministry for 60 years.
I was trying to talk to Arthur with my eyes- WHY DON'T YOU DO SOMETHING?"Surely  if I can see this brazen spirit, you can too." Sue was trying to do the same 
thing to me. She was making weird faces at me across the room. 
 Suddenly Arthur put down the Orange Juice he was holding and gave forth a  very loud message in tongues. The whole room was silenced. After that he 
gave a message or interpretation in English. It went something like this "  You have until this time tomorrow to uncover or be discovered by the Spirit 
of God."  Then he picked up his orange juice and continued his conversation  with the lady next to him.
Well when we got back to place we were staying I went immediately to my  room. 'Ok God what Was that all about?" God said to me " I couldn't use 
you Kathie because you already judged the man in your heart."  I realized  that was true. When I SAW the spirit of adultery - I was already making  assessments and judgments in my heart. Not consciously, but unconsciously. With most of  us, our minds are geared that way because` we haven't been taught NOT to 
live in that realm, of sight and sound and feel.
Of course Arthur Burt has been around a very long time, he is not a dummy.  I am sure he  SAW the spirit but he DIDN'T KNOW IT UNTIL GOD TOLD HIM. 
 The word he gave did its own work. We had a great meeting in the morning but  in the evening the leader took off with a lady in the church and never 
did come back.
So I learned some more about the spirit of false judgment and how it is  rooted in pride. "He Has showed you Oh man what is good and what does the 
Lord require of you, but to do justly and to LOVE mercy and to walk humbly  with your God."
If you have a word from God for Todd or anyone else- that's one thing- go to them or someone over him but don't put out your own negative thoughts and criticisms out there floating around the internet and defile others with it - yuck! 
If you are interested in learning more about how NOT to judge by the seeing of the eye or the hearing of the ear ( false judgment) you can read my book " The Spirit of False Judgment." It's on my website. 
No man in history has ever been able to live the Sermon on the Mount without the indwelling Life of the One who preached it.
Charles Price

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