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The Convergence of Purim, Iran, and Washington, DC

Dear Friends,  Below is the insights from Rick Ridings, the director of Succat Hallel in Jerusalem about how to pray for Iran this time. We invite you to join us in Israel to pray and fast during Purim. Sundown, Tues, March 6th - Sundown, Wed, March 7th    We encourage all to join Israel in the Fast of Esther (Ta'anit Esther) We hope you can join us for these special times of intercession.   Shalom, Lely H. The Convergence of Purim, Iran, and Washington, DC The days leading up to Purim this year may well bring a convergence of decisions in Israel, Iran, and Washington, DC that will affect the future as dramatically as the biblical account of Esther. March 6 th  on the Gregorian calendar, at sundown, the Hebrew Fast of Esther begins (Ta’anit Esther, the beginning of the 13 th  of Adar).  March 7 th , at sundown, Jews worldwide will begin to celebrate Purim, and rejoice in the “reversal of decrees” that saved the Jewish people from destruction (the 14 th  of Adar). For the last

What to do if you are kidnapped.

Image AP FILE: Saint Catherine's Monastery, founded by the Emperor St. Justinian the Great in 527, at the foot of Mount Sinai in Saint Catherine, Sinai, Egypt. The brief abduction of two American women and their Egyptian guide at gunpoint along a major highway in Egypt's Sinai peninsula Friday is a reminder that there’s real danger traveling to countries in political turmoil, say security experts.  The tourists, aged 60 and 65, were returning from the popular St. Catherine’s Monastery to the  Red Sea  resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh. A group of masked gunmen held up their tourist bus, snatching watches, cell phones and cash, security sources told AFP. South Sinai Police Chief Maj. Gen. Mohammed Naguib, in charge or regional security, said the Americans have now been freed after a deal was made following negotiations with Bedouin tribesmen, believed to be behind the abductions.  RELATED  STORIES Egy