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Update from Danny Bravo in Malawi and Mozambique---Hippos too!

Hi again prayer partners. Here's an update on the last email/prayer request I sent - a little shorter this time.   We've finished the current outreach into Mozambique mostly to visit the new churches, back in Malawi now preparing for the next one in 9 days including the US team.   COMPLETION OF CHURCH VISITING OUTREACH By the end of the trip, there were 25 new churches started as a result of Wheresoever (I knew of 24 when I wrote the last email), accounting for more than 500 new Christians. Many of you may remember the village chief who was drunken & violent, and after his baptism started being sick each time he tried to take a drink, leading to a total transformation of his life.  Turns out he has been going around sharing his experience of Jesus with many villages on the bike we gave him - he started this last church during one of his trips, over half an hour driving from his village so who knows how long on his bike, and he goes to worship with them all the

First CMM Church in Pakistan Has 250 Families!

Dear Dr Jorge Parrott and CMM.   Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior.   I send to you information that we Started the CMM first Church in Rawalpindi Pakistan. In first Church I have 30 Families, 250 families members. This is CMM Central Church in Rawalpindi Pakistan.   Pray for many New Planting Churches in Pakistan.Amen.    May Lord bless you and CMM.   In Jesus Rev Ayub and Penzy National Director CMM Pakistan

Mozambique-Malawi: Crocodiles, Hyenas, Baptisms--Eternal Joy Released

Mozambique and Malawi: Coming to Jesus by Danny Bravo This trip into Mozambique was intended to visit all the new churches that have started as a result of Wheresoever's visits. In addition to the initial 4 churches started more than a year ago, there were an additional 7 for a total of 11. But it has turned out to be very difficult to visit all the churches because they seem to be sprouting up everywhere starting around last October - there are now 24 churches including the original 4, in 4 different denominations (Forwa rd in Faith, Gennesaret, Agape Life Church, Assemblies of God, World Missions). We are having a very busy but extremely exciting time, and there are new people letting Jesus into their hearts all the time. All the churches do have a leader, either a pastor, an evangelist, or an elder - I was encouraged that when having the Wheresoever council members list whether each leader is spiritually strong, medium or weak, there was only one weak, with the rest split b

Pakistan For Jesus--Pray

Staff notes: CMM has appointed Ayub Masih, whom we have known for almost two years as director of CMM's work in Pakistan. Ayub oversees 40 children centers across the quake and war torn nation. He helped distribute humanitarian aid after last year's massive quake killed almost 80,000. We are waiting on the Lord for funds to send CMM Bible College material to Ayub to begin adult Bible training and leadership training. Pray for Pakistan. We claim that nation, by faith, for Jesus. There are many, many souls waiting to hear the Good News. ________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Dr Jorge Parrott and CMM Staff. Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior. Dear Kind sir before it's I have been told to you about Church Building. As you know very well about Pakistani condition that we have problems for Church hall and this time we are doing Meetings service in a rented building where I live with my family. De

Prophetic Evangelism in Action in Guatemala

Guatemala: Prophetic Evangelism SPECIAL FEATURE Missionary Prophetic Evangelism, or If not us then who?, and if not now then when? To be a missionary, you don't need to cross the sea, you just need to see the cross. Arthur Blessit is quoted as saying, "if you are called to preach the gospel, don't stoop down to be a king." Indeed, what can compare to the sublime privilege and unmatched joy of serving the Lord as a minister of the gospel? During a week of seminars on the prophetic to 5 different church groups in Coban, Guatemala, this group of believers from Iglesia Amanecer found itself on break between sessions, browsing at the local mall. Among the group were a middle school teacher and mother of a toddler, a factory worker, a hair stylist, a high school student, a house painter, a real estate agent and an insurance agent. Our host for the week introduced me to three friends in the mall. As I greeted them, I asked the Lord, "what do you have for these f