Pakistan For Jesus--Pray

Staff notes: CMM has appointed Ayub Masih, whom we have known for almost two years as director of CMM's work in Pakistan. Ayub oversees 40 children centers across the quake and war torn nation. He helped distribute humanitarian aid after last year's massive quake killed almost 80,000. We are waiting on the Lord for funds to send CMM Bible College material to Ayub to begin adult Bible training and leadership training. Pray for Pakistan. We claim that nation, by faith, for Jesus. There are many, many souls waiting to hear the Good News.

Dear Dr Jorge Parrott and CMM Staff.

Greetings to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior.

Dear Kind sir before it's I have been told to you about Church Building.
As you know very well about Pakistani condition that we have problems for Church hall and this time we are doing Meetings service in a rented building where I live with my family.
Dear I talk with building master about sale the rented building.Master told me about building price 20 Lack Pakistani Rupees. More then less $ US 40,000.
Kind sir building is very safe in our areas.and this is my desire that we bought the building for CMM Head Office , Bible School, Church Hall.

I humbly requested to all of you, Partners, Donors please prayers for building.

With out building we have problems for Head Office, Bible school and Church Hall.

I hopeful in Lord Jesus Christ that he will pervoide for CMM in Pakistan.

Please share with your Partners, Donors and CMM staff.

I hope a wonderful and hopeful response from all of you there.Amen.

In Jesus Your's

Rev Ayub and Penzy
National Director CMM Pakistan

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