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Uganda: Worship song from friends Winnie and Robert Wajokero

    Dearest Brother Jorge & Sister Anna,   Praise the Lord and how are you doing? You are so dear to us and so, we LOVE you and respect you very much. And the Lord your God LOVES and you and CARES for you more than anyone else does. Therefore, whatever His Spirit tells us to do, we will always submissively do it for your good and for the glorification of His Holy Name.   Now look, we are obeying the Spirit of the Living God who has instructed us to send you the attached worship song, sung in our local language. The Words in thesong mean, " Jesus showed me the grace when He died in shame and pain ." David declared in Psalm 32:7 that "You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance." There is power, healing, deliverance, victory, blessings and peace in worshiping and listening to songs of worship. Behold the grace of His shame and pain.  The language  in which this worship song is, is called "Lugan

India: Jai and Yori taking in more children

  Dear father Jorge and mother Anna Marie,     How are you? you are in our thoughts and prayers.Hope you got all my e-mails and updates, especially for my sister, Priscilla's husband death.  Thank you so much for all your prayers for my sister Priscilla and her family and the work of God here in INdia. We just want to share with you something important for the ministry:   Since no body is there to take care of these three children. We are praying to take two of these three children ("Chinnu, 8 years and Sunny,12years and Shinny-blind girl) into our LLM Children's home.   Please Yori and me humbly request you to pray for a regular supporter for these two semi-orphan boys as they are going to stay with in the Home with our boys.   Please kindly pray for this very important need and see if any body can help for these two boys, will be a great blessing for the ministry in the future.   Yori and me are planning to raise two boys and equip them for the future minis