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Pray for India: Third Death in the Forest...Medical Camp Will Freely Treat Tribal Poor

(Pray for Jai and Yori in  AP, India.  Visit Dr.Jorge and CMM family,    We are very sad to say that one more tribal lady in the jungle/forest was passed away. This is third death due to malaria,diahoriah, typhoid, TB and AIDS.      The fourth one is battling for her life. Many other are suffering from diahoeriah and malaria and other diseases. More over they do not have  proper drinking water and no food for them to eat.     One of our missionaries namely brother Anand Paul and brother Joseseph went to these people. They are desperate for life and food and drink.    When I got another phone call from brother Anand Paul and explained all the details in the forest, my heart is broken. My burden has been increased and made me to be more  quick to help them with the medical camp and some food stuff besides sharing the GOSPEL to them in the time of need and trouble.    By God's grace and with your prayers I got two doctors and one lab technic

The Origins of Rosh HaShanah & Book Aviad Cohen For Your Jewish Event l l September 17, 2009   1. The Origins of Rosh HaShanah l PLUS Accompanying Online Video by Aviad Cohen 2. Book Aviad Cohen For Your "Jewish Event"   1. The Origins of Rosh HaShanah l PLUS Accompanying Online Video by Aviad Cohen Here is the link to the video Aviad made to accompany this spiel: Shalom,   I say this all with love. Here is my logical spiel in regards to God's Word in Exodus 12 v.s. Judaism's Rosh Hashanah. Perhaps this is something to share with others, especially if you are a follower of Yeshua Messiah and are practicing Rosh HaShanah. In other words if you are practicing Judaism, even if you splash it with a bit of Yeshua, is this what Yeshua would do? Did Moses or Yeshua practice Rosh HaShanah? No. Then why should you? I bolded and underlined specific text to stress a blatant point    EXODUS 12 l Jewish Publication Society

Violence, bloodshed, eyewitness in Uganda by CMM friends and missionaries

Alissa Cooper was ordained by CMM in early 2008 before launching her vision for an orphanage in Uganda. She has trained with Heidi Baker in Mozambique and Michele Perry in the Sudan. She just got married Aug 15th to a wonderful, native Ugandan, Vincent.  They went to Kampala to buy roofing material and got trapped for several days in the violence. Read below and pray for safety. (Latest update at the bottom)   Peace in the Midst of Chaos 9-10-09 Today I have really had my invitation to the chaos and instability of Africa-my first real encounter with a truly negative side of Africa. Although I was less than 1 ½ miles away from gun shots and even nearer to angry rioters, I thank God that I was protected and was not directly in the middle of the violent outbursts.  My newlywed husband could not say the same, but I am extremely grateful to the Lord for protecting him and enabling him to reach me safely. Pastor Victor and I were in Kampala to purchase roofing materials for the med

Taking Jesus To The Unreached-Praying against typhoid--The Love of the Father Prevails

"This village never been preached the Gospel.  The Holy Spirit is reaching hindu hearts." Dr.Jorge and sister Anna Marie,    Thanks a lot for all your prayers. We deeply appreciate you so much.     Our orphanage boy 'Madhu' is still sick, taking some medicine.  God is so good in our lives. He has been enabling us to do a greater things for His kingdom. Praise God.  We are very much praising God for all wonderful things in our lives and through our Gospel Team. Today another Hindu family has opened their hearts to the Gospel.There is a Hindu family, in the family there are four people(2men and 2women)who never heard the gospel. Me and our Gospel team visited their house and shared the gospel. Most exciting news is three of the family members want to come the Church. Praise God.   Now I see the flame of salvation is spreading around through LLM here in this Hindu community. Praise God.      On 14th of September, one of the most stronghold of Satan's village &

Much prayer needed for Dr. Neelam Rassmann with CMM hospital in N. India.

Dear Intercessors, Pray for Neelam Rassmann, wife of Director of the CMM hospital near Nepal border in India. She is very anointed and a Dr. a gynecologist.  She is an articulate speaker. Ten years ago when I spontaneously named her Women's Ministry leader, the next day, many men did not come to services.  We have come a long way baby.  She leads a powerful ministry of healing, deliverance, and depth, full of signs, wonders, visions, and more supernatural than the men, while faithfully submitting to her husband.  I know they love each other very much.  Please pray for her. Our God is more than able to bring her to fullness of divine health. Jorge For photos of Neelam, click here: The first baby is their new adopted baby. Neelam is seen in some of these photos with glasses on. There is always a lot of construction going on, as this place treats 3-5000 patients per month, regardless of creed or a

Nieces of Nate Saint, (now with CMM) From the "Gates of Splendor" to the International Space Station-Nate Saint Plane Piece Goes To The Space Station!

 Hello Friends of God and CMM, Read this amazing report of an astronaut carrying part of Nate Saint's plane with him on this shuttle mission. WOW!! CMM is so honored to have the nieces of Nate Saint, Evelyn Saint Jimenez in Argentina, and Martha Saint Berberian,in Guatemala and their husbands and ministries now part of CMM global. Last month Jorge and Anna flew to CA to attend one of our son's marriage and we flew at 40,000 feet. That was the highest I had ever flown. We could see the curvature of the earth very clearly and the darkness above the mid-day sky.  I believe the Lord is calling us higher and higher in the spirit realm too. Enjoy! Blessings, Jorge visit tab for missions, then tab for overseas. Hi, I thought you might enjoy hearing about this. A great challenge for missions! Evelyn Saint Jimenez, Cordoba Argentina, serving with CMM.   From the "Gates of Splendor" to the International Space Station; Shuttle Astronaut Car

Special Bulletin #24 - Russia Rebukes America for Turning Marxist

    Subject: Special Bulletin #24 - Russia Rebukes America for Turning Marxist SPECIAL BULLETIN Russia Rebukes America for Turning Marxist By Rick Joyner           Could it possibly be true that one of the most insightful

Pray Around The Nations - Worldwide Conference Call to Prayer-Somalia

Dr. Judy Laidley is a dear friend and intercessor of CMM.  Please join in the roar of the Lion's Heart. Pray Around The Nations - Conference Call to Prayer Prayer Conference Call for Somalia Call 712 421 6099 Pass code 31042 # CALL IN TIME: Friday September 4, 2009 5:30 AM EST Greetings! Pray Around the Nations is asking all intercessors to join us tomorrow. Pray Around the Nations believe God's people can change history and set captives free. We have a high call to pray during Ramadan. Somalia is celebrating this season.. CALL IN TIME: Friday September 4 2009 5:30 AM EST until 6:00 AM. IT IS 30 MINUTES OF POWERFUL PRAYER

Jiménez Saint Argentina Update -Cindy Jacobs word for Argentina-President of Uruguay

 Please pray for these strong, mature leaders, reaching Argentina and many nations. If you would like to find out more about visiting there with a team, please contact CMM at 704-225-3927 or email               Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez-Saint   Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.   Leo Tolstoy                              September 2009     Dearest friends, We are leaving behind a cold winter with complications due to the flu situation, but now things are gradually going back to normal, whatever "normal" may mean in Argentina! But so blessed with a wonderful move of God these days, and grateful to be part of what God is doing in this part of the world. As to the government projects, 45 churches are receiving musical instruments, computers, hair dressing equipment, sports elements, etc. with which to serve the community. We received

Chief Minister (Christian) Disappeared in India!!

  Dear Rev. Jorge Our state Government ANDHRAPRADESH Chief Minister and his flight was disappeared in the deepest forest in our state 9 hours ago this morning by 9.30 am they lost signal. There are many assumptions about him since they did not find. There are 12 special flights searching for him in the Jungle (deep forest) right now. He is good man and Christian man and he is standing in the side of Christians in India. We need to pray for him that God may protect him and rescue him and give to our state safely.   Please watch your news channels you will find news which became world popular news now. Please pray for him   Yours Prayerfully   Pastor Samuel   Pastor Samuel is a  church planter, trainer, and Father to many orphans in his Orphanage supported by MorningStar and CMM