Much prayer needed for Dr. Neelam Rassmann with CMM hospital in N. India.

Dear Intercessors,

Pray for Neelam Rassmann, wife of Director of the CMM hospital near Nepal border in India. She is very anointed and a Dr. a gynecologist.  She is an articulate speaker. Ten years ago when I spontaneously named her Women's Ministry leader, the next day, many men did not come to services. 

We have come a long way baby.  She leads a powerful ministry of healing, deliverance, and depth, full of signs, wonders, visions, and more supernatural than the men, while faithfully submitting to her husband.  I know they love each other very much.  Please pray for her. Our God is more than able to bring her to fullness of divine health.


For photos of Neelam, click here:

The first baby is their new adopted baby. Neelam is seen in some of these photos with glasses on. There is always a lot of construction going on, as this place treats 3-5000 patients per month, regardless of creed or ability to pay. We have the MorningStar Academy here and a church with a new, young pastor.
Join us on a trip.

Dear Jorge,
Trust you all are fine as for us we are ok by the grace of our almighty lord.
Sorry Jorge I could not write to you earlier, as I was busy as Neelam is not well. She is having stomach problem and she is having stones in the CBD duct. Please pray for her as tommorrow she is having the sugery done.
Monsoon is ending and after the monsoon there is some work again to be started.
I will write to you again. Please keep continue praying for Neelam that she may get well soon.
Rest is all fine.
Yours in christ

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