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Pray for the peace of Israel--From the President of Israel 12/28/08

  Pray for the peace of Israel   Please commit with me to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the sovereignty of Israel this New Year. God Bless you.   PRESIDENT OF ISRAEL SPOKESPERSON'S OFFICE   Sunday, December 28, 2008   President Shimon Peres Has Made A Special Statement on "Operation Cast Lead" and the Ongoing Palestinian Rocket Attacks   This morning, President Shimon Peres made a special statement to the media regarding Operation Cast Lead (Israel's attack on the Hamas terror infrastructure in Gaza) and the ongoing Palestinian rocket fire on civilian areas in southern Israel. A transcript of the statement, which is also available on video from the Associated Press and Reuters, is below.   It is the first time in the history of Israel that we, the Israelis, cannot understand the motives or the purposes of the ones who are shooting at us. It is the most unreasonabl

1. Live Online Teaching Tonight! on Aligning with God in 2009///2.Veronica Freites from DR speaking this Saturday

Dear friend, Jim Driscoll is a friend of Activate Church and is an effective 'seer'. You will be blessed. His website is: Veronica Freites, a dear friend from Virginia, now living and serving God in the Dominican Republic will be our special guest speaker this Saturday Jan. 3rd at 7pm. Please invite your friends to hear this gifted worshiper, teacher, and preacher share God's heart for the island of Hispanola.  Veronica is on the CMM website at and her website is Veronica has a beautiful villa in the DR right on the beach, with mountains and palm trees, that can host up to 30 people for ministry and refreshing times.  Go! Blessings, Jorge and Anna Marie Stir The Water Live Online Event Announcement You are subscribed as Live Online Teaching with Jim Driscoll on "Aligning Your Life with God's Plan in 2009"


 Living God's Dream by Alissa Cooper When I first made the decision at nine years old to live God's dream, I know that I did not fully understand what it would mean for me to do this. I did not understand what it would cost me in future years or how drastically my life would change. I did not understand the challenges that I would face, but I also was unaware of how amazing it would be to see God's hand at work in the minute details of my life. I could not have comprehended the events that would take place in my life as I fully surrendered every part of myself to him. I could not have known the joy that would fill my own heart as I was truly able to participate in the work of the maker of Heaven and earth-serving as a handmaiden simply responding to the voice and signals of her master. I definitely did not realize how beautiful it would be to see God expand my vision and resources to bring life and hope to the destitute and despairing people of Africa. When I made the d

Bus of gamblers breaks down outside friends church in MA and God takes over.

 Greetings, This church is in Worcester, Mass. A Vineyard Church. Read on how God is at work. So, as most of you may know, snow has been dumping on New England since Friday. Despite the blizzardy circumstance, we decided to press onward and not cancel Sunday service at The Woo, with minimal expectation of what the turn-out might be. What ended up happening is still blowing my mind away - God showed up! Although we had worked hard in planning for this service (esp since it's right before Christmas), His greater plan came into action that exceeded anything that we had originally planned for. Just 30 min before our service began (we we just finished plowing our sidewalk/walkway and setting up inside), a bus full of people on their way to a Jay Chou (a major Taiwanese pop star, btw!) concert at Mohegan Sun Casino broke down and glided into the side street by our church. It literally stopped precisely in front of our freshly shoveled main entrance. Before we knew it, we were servin

"I Want a House," by Yelena Bonner

Hello Friend, 2008 is coming to a close, and indeed it was quite a year.  We have amazing opportunities ahead of us, and 2009 promises to be the absolute best for all of us.   Yelena Bonner, wife of the exiled Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov.  Bonner came to the United States for heart surgery and returned to the Soviet Union after six months in the U.S. At a time when many are wondering just what home ownership means, I thought it appropriate on this Christmas Eve to share with you her powerful essay again.  What is remarkable to me is that she truly understands the American Dream - home ownership -more than many Americans do. I hope you send this on to those who have stood strong in the midst of falling stock market, currency crisis, foreclosures, short sales, media terrorism, and all the other craziness of the year.   God Bless you and yours this Holiday season, Jorge and Anna Marie Parrott "I Want a House," by Yelena Bonner. I maintain that Americans do not want

Christmas Greetings From CMM and Jorge Parrott Family

   Christ's Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive Christmas Greetings From CMM and Jorge Parrott Family Jorge Parrott Dec 24, 2008 From: Jorge and Anna Marie Parrott Subject: Merry Christmas! Reply: Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Pray for our CMM missionaries serving around the globe. Contact CMM to help you plan your next missions adventure in God.


Do Angels Exist? Posted: Dec 20, 2008 07:20 PM Updated: Dec 20, 2008 07:21 PM Angels Among Us? RSS Feeds News Feed Sports Feed What is RSS? Top Headlines Auction on Foreclosures Buyer beware this holiday season Flooded areas to receive state aid DNA tests confirm remains are Caylee Anthony's Man charged with murdering girlfriend Panthers fans delayed Battle of the Outerbelts Businesses react to bailout CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A "miracle" at one local hospital has a lot of people talking. This picture was taken in the hallway leading into Presbyterian's Pediatric Cancer center. A little girl there was taken off life support, her mother in her room praying.  At the same time, a nurse noticed a man standing in the hallway.  When she pushed the security button to let him in, no one was there.

God's gift to you this Christmas

 To Our Dear Activate Church Friends, I serve as a trustee on Tree of Life Ministries in Belize and I got this from our friend, George Ferrar. It is a good word for this time of year. May you be blessed abundantly always. Blessings, Jorge and Anna Marie Parrott Dear friends & supporters, I'm a member of the Belize Association of Evangelical Churches, and I'd like to share with you the Christmas greeting we wrote to our nation-just slightly revised for a broader reach . We can share the heart of this message with family, friends & others through our actions during the Christmas season. It applies to every nation and every person, "for God so loved the world ": * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * God's Gift to You This Christmas. Our churches have different pasts but the same future. We share the same Bible to guide us and the same Lord to lead us. During these holidays we encourage all to consider that, desp

Facing the Future With The Abiding Peace of God by Bobby Conner

      Facing The Future With The Abiding Peace of God January 2009 By Bobby Conner The peace that God offers is not the absence of adversity, nor is it the end of trials and trouble. As followers of Christ we are not necessary immune from all difficulty. Nevertheless in the midst of pressing problems and overwhelming obstacles God always provides a way to escape. Even when our heart is broken and our dreams shattered and we are facing devastating difficulties we have the assurance of Christ's abiding presence this alone produces abiding peace. The promise of Hebrews 13:5 releases confidence and courage to face any situation: � Your lives should be untainted by love for money. Be content with what you

Pray Around the Nations - Conference Call

begin:vcard fn:Dr. Judy Laidley, Ph.D. n:Laidley, Ph.D.;Dr. Judy email; tel;work:910 220 2077 version:2.1 end:vcard     Dear Friends, Pray Around the Nations is continuing with a "WAKE UP CALL" for prayer on Friday morning at 5:30 am EST.  Tomorrow December 19th. Just call: 1 - 712 421 6099 - PIN number 31042 AND NOW ALSO : Pray Around the Nations offers this call to prayer on a radio program by way of internet web connection (web streaming). Tune in on Sunday also to pray for nations. Every Sunday morning: 7:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (New York Time) web site: These two methods, Tele-Conferencing and now Radio, is our way of coming into His throne roo m as one mighty voice. We will be praying together for:   SOMALIA:     The lawlessness has also spilled onto the seas                                           off t

You Can Touch Hindus In India With The Father's Heart!

   Christ's Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive You Can Touch Hindus In India With The Father's Heart! Jorge Parrott and CMM volunteers Dec 17, 2008 Update: Jai and Yori are a loving, wonderful servant-hearted couple in India. They reach out to the orphans, widows, lepers, AIDS patients, handicapped and Hindus and Muslims with the love of our Father God. Jai sends this report after the second outreach in their series of five has just finished.(read below for a description of the full schedule during December.) From Jai this morning: DR.JORGE AND CMM FAMILY, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR FAITHFUL PRAYERS FOR SECOND OUTREACH AMONG LEPERS, HIV PATIENS,POOR WIDOWS AND HANDICAPPED ONES. We are very much rejoicing in the Lord and thanking the Lord