1. Live Online Teaching Tonight! on Aligning with God in 2009///2.Veronica Freites from DR speaking this Saturday

Dear friend,
Jim Driscoll is a friend of Activate Church and is an effective 'seer'. You will be blessed. His website is: http://stirthewater.com
Veronica Freites, a dear friend from Virginia, now living and serving God in the Dominican Republic will be our special guest speaker this Saturday Jan. 3rd at 7pm. Please invite your friends to hear this gifted worshiper, teacher, and preacher share God's heart for the island of Hispanola.  Veronica is on the CMM website at http://cmmissions.net and her website is http://veronicafreites.blogspot.com

Veronica has a beautiful villa in the DR right on the beach, with mountains and palm trees, that can host up to 30 people for ministry and refreshing times.  Go!

Jorge and Anna Marie

Stir The Water

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Live Online Teaching with Jim Driscoll on "Aligning Your Life with God's Plan in 2009"

As the new year begins in these difficult times, join Jim as he teaches about aligning your plans with God's plans for your life.  This live online event has limited space available, and is offered exclusively to active subscribers to the Stir The Water Online Exercises with Jim Driscoll. 

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When: Monday December 29th, 8:00 PM EST

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Can reserve seat 20 mins ahead of time.

Entering God's Language Now Available

The latest teaching by Jim Driscoll is available in the Stir The Water Online Store.

Introductory offer expires Dec 31st.

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