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Dear Dr. Jorge Parrott Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am sorry that I am not able to email you regularly in these days. I am very much happy to let you know that Last two days my family with my wife Shara and children and my father in law Rev. Abraham Family went to Tribal mountain area for outreach Ministry for 2 days. Well we went there as family to the places where we don't have Electricity, transportation. It is very much interior and mountain area where we have to cross 15 Mountains and have reached those places by a Car. Roads are too much muddy. The places are in west Godavari District which is 6 hours journey in car. But we praise God that there are group of people living in TAKURU area and we have reached 7 villages in 2 days of our Mission to there. We spend our time in small Pastors Church and began to reach the people singing songs on streets declaring power of Jesus to heal the sick and preached Gospel unto them Moreover
Equipping nations with the heart of the Father by connecting, strengthening, & expanding strategic relationships & stewarding donor relations with God’s army. Flash Point: Guatemala Major Roadblocks Overcome Angie and Jason Christman, CMM/MS missionaries to Guatemala know what it is like to deal with obstacles. The recent teachers’ strike has made transportation almost impossible in some areas as they block roads with huge boulders and hordes of people. The Christmans deliver 200 meals of fresh produce and meat over a two week period, along with the love of Christ, to several feeding centers for the poor. On their recent delivery, they encountered a blockade which had all traffic stopped. Angie prayed as Jason approached the obstacle. Before long a reporter was interviewing him and he was allowed to speak with the head teacher. As if in a movie, theirs was the only vehicle allowed through that d