Dear Dr. Jorge Parrott
Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am sorry that I am not able to email you regularly in these days. I am very much happy to let you know that Last two days my family with my wife Shara and children and my father in law Rev. Abraham Family went to Tribal mountain area for outreach Ministry for 2 days. Well we went there as family to the places where we don't have Electricity, transportation. It is very much interior and mountain area where we have to cross 15 Mountains and have reached those places by a Car. Roads are too much muddy. The places are in west Godavari District which is 6 hours journey in car. But we praise God that there are group of people living in TAKURU area and we have reached 7 villages in 2 days of our Mission to there. We spend our time in small Pastors Church and began to reach the people singing songs on streets declaring power of Jesus to heal the sick and preached Gospel unto them
Moreover my little 3rd old son Silas Gabriel and daughter Shirley distributed Gospel Tracts to the people in the villages and they also have done great ministry. I felt so happy and the tears of Joy have rolled in my eyes as my family was doing ministry in the field.
We have conducted 3 open air meetings during night there myself and my father in law have ministered and at the end of our preaching we have shown the film of JESUS unto them. Well for Tribal people when we say that we are showing film they are very much interested and they have come forward to watch film and there we have taken an opportunity to share GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Moreover there are 35 people have committed their life to the lord Jesus and they are going to take water Baptism very soon through the local pastors over there. Well this is such a wonderful and remarkable experience for me to go with my family minister TRIBAL PEOPLE.
Thank you for your thoughts for me and for our Ministry. We do appreciate your love and prayers. Know that our Lord is doing great things in our region through our Ministry. We need your love and continuous encouragement. Please continue to write to me. Hope to hear from you.
Please watch valuable pictures of tribal Ministry.
Yours prayerfully
Pastor Ch. Sudarsanam Samuel
Good Shepherd Compassion Ministries.
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East Godavari District

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