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Outreach to 500 families of Burmese, Nepalese, and Vietnamese Refugees in Charlotte

Outreach to 500 families of Burmese, Nepalese, and Vietnamese Refugees in Charlotte: CMM and Freedom Ministries Update God is so good!  Recently, we gave away about 500 Thanksgiving dinners to people in need in Charlotte. About twenty volunteers helped us distribute Thanksgiving dinner in an apartment complex off Central Avenue.  People were very excited and grateful to receive the food.  Most of the recipients are refugees from Burma, Nepal, and Vietnam.  They have very little resources and many struggle to make ends meet.  One volunteer commented that the area seemed like a Third World Country, because children were without shoes or coats. God is really moving in that area!  We were blessed with a Burmese translator with a heart to minister the love of Jesus.   There were many salvations on our visits to the neighborhood.   In addition to the Thanksgiving dinners, we spent two weeks delivering truckloads of rice, bread, flour and other necessities.  We were blessed to give awa

Pray for Tahiti: Conference on Dysfunctional Sexuality-Pray for healing

Morningstar Missions Tahiti: Edualdo Cicero reports: We are hosting a specialized Christian ministry from France called "Oser en Parler" (Dare to talk about it) that deals with dysfunctional sexuality issues such as pornography, homosexuality, bisexuality, sexual abuse, etc. The guest speaker (Philippe Auzenet) will be talking about "Sexual Abuse and its Consequences" on Thursday, Dec. 1st, 2011 in a public hall in  Tahiti and the event has been getting the attention of the local media where Philippe was the featured guest these last 2 days. Local TV stations, radio stations & newspaper journalists will be present for this public conference. It will be followed by a 5-session Training Seminar on inner healing at our facility in downtown Papeete this coming weekend (Friday, Dec. 2nd thru Sunday, Dec. 4th, 2011). We have been under a great deal of warfare as well as our ministry team and we do ask you to not only pray for special protection over our lives (bod