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Joseph by Jorge Parrott

Joseph by Jorge Parrott There are many parallels between the life of Joseph and the life of Jesus. In fact, there is more written about Joseph than Abraham, Moses, or Isaac, in Genesis 1-11. What is God saying to us about the life of this man whose own brothers had plotted to kill and sold him into slavery? From the pit to the prison to the palace Joseph shows us a life of integrity, character, and a servant's heart. We see the spiritual growth from a young man excited about a dream and sharing it in the wrong timing, to a humble, kingly priest offering the love of the Father to those who had scorned him. Joseph never allowed bitterness to take root and that is such a valuable lesson to all believers. Philippians 3:10 speaks about “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death...” Joseph had many opportunities to question God, and he may have, but in his actions and in his heart he never falte

Thanksgiving--Generational Assignment, Overcoming The Enemy Of Our Soul

Thanksgiving--Generational Assignment, Overcoming The Enemy Of Our Soul Pastor Brian with Thanksgiving from the CMM staff Nov 21, 2007 Thanks to dear CMM friend, Gwen Cattron, of Denver, NC for this from her Pastor Brian. May you experience all the blessings of God. We stand in agreement with you this day in calling in lost loved ones to know the mercies which never end, from our God, the one who sent Jesus to die for us and to heal all our diseases and to set the captives free. Please let us pray for you, email us at or phone 704-225-3927. Please help us in feeding 5,000 children in Haiti on Dec. 21. Teams are needed to go and help on that day. You can go to Haiti to help Pastor Vincent, for 2 days or more to see the wonder in the eyes of these children as they receive their warm meal, (perhaps the only time all year they get meat!), and watch their eyes light up when they open their present. Visit for more info and pictures of last year'

Be Thankful Always and Links For India Videos and Haiti Feeding Festival!

Be Thankful Always and Links For India Videos and Haiti Feeding Festival! Jorge Parrott Greetings Precious Saint: We thank God for you! (**Please note: our is being migrated to a new hosting service and it may be off-line for one more day.) When our children were younger we used to have a Thanksgiving tradition of making cut out leaves to post on a piece of cardboard called The Thanksgiving Tree. On each leaf the children would write down something they were thankful for and paste it on the Tree of Thanksgiving. Some years we did not have much, but we always had food to eat and much to be thankful for like clothes, a home, a car or two and we had the gift of family and knowing Jesus as Lord. Even the poorest of the poor in America are considered wealthy in many nations. We really are so blessed. Maybe this year you need to make a Thanksgiving Tree. The Word says, "Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise." Do you need

Feeding Thousands In Haiti and Fresh News From China! The Army Is Marching!

Christ's Mandate For Missions Feeding Thousands In Haiti and Fresh News From China! The Army Is Marching! Fresh From The CMM Newsdesk: Praise Report! The Doctors team that went to Honduras recently ministered healing and the love of God to 18,300 in 8 days. Contact CMM to find out more about joining us on a life changing missions adventure or to help your church plan a trip. Florie Santiago, in the Philippines reports the new church being built in San Antonio, Piddig, is almost complete. A new church costs around $7,000. Several donors have built a church in memory of a loved one. What a tribute! 32 churches have been built with CMMP in the last few years. We invite you to join us on a ministry trip there. Remember our assignment: To feed 5,000 children in Haiti each Christmas. Pastor Vincent, an orphan himself, for years has fed thousands in City Soleil. Vincent invites you to come join him this December to help bless the children in one of the poorest neighborhoods in

The Glory Abounding--Glory Increasing

The Glory Abounding, Glory Increasing By Jorge Parrott While the gravity of humanity weighs heavy, The Light of Glory can lift us to meet our Lord in the air. Like a magnet from beyond time, We are pulled above and rescued By a Love, pure and holy, Selfless and so unearthly. We were blinded, deceived by a self made idolatry, By this battle in our mind, Which we surely do lose, Had it not been for the Spirit, Sent to invade our hearts. Yet, here we are, Even set apart by Grace somehow in this great mystery. Never, in this life, shall I play the tune I hear so well. These words too shall fail, To tell of this wondrous Glory abounding. Hab 2:14 “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, As the waters cover the sea”. May we all learn to see each other the way the Lord sees us. May we all learn to see ourselves the way the Lord sees us. Shanah Tovah, Happy (Jewish) New Year! Pray for our faithful missionaries around the glob

Saved By An Angelic Force Field Jorge Parrott

Saved By An Angelic Force Field and Update From The Flood In Coban, Guatemala Jorge Parrott Aug 23, 2007 Update from Guatemala Flood in Coban Cathy Grant, daughter of Cliff and Sunny Grant, CMM missionaries in Coban, Guatemala, reports that rescue efforts are over and now the work of clean up, repairs, and rebuilding begins. The Grants express their gratitude for the emergency funds that have come in so far. They have bought food and clothing for some of 300 families who were forced from their homes damaged in the sudden deluge that began Sunday, August 12th and stopped on Tuesday, August, 14th. Nine people lost their lives in Coban. Many said the damage and disaster was much worse than in Hurricane Mitch. If you are interested in joining a disaster relief team to Coban, call 704-225-3927 or email at Funds are needed for food, clothing, and to repair the damaged and destroyed homes near Nueva Esperanza, where CMM has planted a church. During Hurricane Mitch,

7 Prophetic Voices for 7 Nations in 2007--Costa Rica October

Greetings, Below is a link to the October Costa Rica trip. Are you called? Are you interested? Please contact me at 704-517-2557 or email if you have an interest, desire, or questions. Please distribute to those you believe need to know and perhaps participate. This will be a time of prayer, intercession, prophesying, imparting, and making new friends. We ask for key intercessors to be praying in advance of this strategic conference. Please pray for those the Lord has called to connect, for provision to come, for plans to be covered in prayer, for unity in the Body, for equipping and training the five fold ministry in Costa Rica and in the US and in Central America for the season ahead. See how God can use you to change a nation and a people. God has been really moving in Costa Rica. Many words have been spoken into this nation and its people. We have reports of 50,000 intercessors praying the last two years. Also, we have be

Grace Abounding by Jorge Parrott

Grace Abounding ( To view the photos referenced in this article, go to ) My Father, John W. Parrott, Sr. was born in 1913. When he was six months old he weighed less than when he was born. Doctors said he would be crippled his whole life, if he survived the wasting polio. His family took him to a faith healer, near where they lived in Modesto, Illinois. She was a large woman and told them for a dollar a visit, she would call on the name of the Lord, and in twelve visits, he would be healed. One dollar was all it took. The power of God’s healing touch came upon him and he went on to serve in the army in WWII in Cuba, where he met my mother, Isabel Place. They married in 1945. Dad brought my Mom to Illinois to live. They gave birth to six kids. God watches over us, even when we may not acknowledge Him or His sovereignty. My parents raised us in the chur

: Please Pray for our next Marama Night (Sat. May 5th) Tahiti

  PRAYER ALERT VISION of the HARVEST - TAHITI French Polynesia (South Pacific) Marama Night of May 5th, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------   Dear friends and prayer partners,   This coming Saturday, May 5th, from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (Tahiti time, same as Hawaii time), will be hosted our 4th Marama Night youth event at McDonald's in downtown Papeete. This is our first major open air public endeavor since the first three were held in a restaurant actually very closely located to McDonald's. In fact we will have a whole set up right in front of the McDonald's.   We'd like to request your prayers on behalf of this forthcoming night especially in these very areas: smooth and favorable connections with the managing team in McDonald's (Tahiti) good preparation of the youth groups from different fellowships who will be performing perfect weather conditions (no rain especially) no disfunctions and no

Tahiti-French Polynesia Photos Online at CMM Web Album--Prayer conference call April 13th.

Hello Friends of God, Sorry, it took me a while to get these online. We will be having our intercessors continue to pray for the islands and the people. Remember April 13th at 5:30am EST a prayer conference call is being held with nearly 250 intercessors praying for you and your work. Please get us an outline by April 5th. We will watch the wonderful slide show Earl sent of the Marama night tomorrow at our home fellowship. What a delight!!! Thank you Rev. Earl Thurner for the CD's and letter. It was much appreciated.  Thank you Torea and Teresa, Edualdo and Alene for your hearts of service. We will be in San Francisco next weekend to visit our son, Matthew, who works for George Lucas. Here is some of the contact info for that date: TIME: Friday, April 13, 2007 at 5:30 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. - EASTERN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME The number (note this is the new number as of 3/16) :

Prayer For Kingdom People Around the World] Prayer For Raped Women o...

t [Kingdom Prayer For Kingdom People Around the World] Prayer For Raped Women of the Congo Let us focus the next few days on praying for the raped women of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ministry to these women has begun by the churches and some of us have had opportunity to get involved at various levels. Let us pray for: 1. The churches and leaders to reach out to them even more 2. Their finding freedom and healing in the Lord Jesus 3. The continued settlement of Julie and Grandma 4. Continued fruitful partnership between us and leaders in the Congo as we seek to be involved in this ministry in the future in meaningful ways 5. The discontinuing of raping in this area 6. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit on these women and a revelation of Jesus Christ 7. A fresh anointing of hope for the future for these women Please forward this to any who may wish to join us in prayer. -- Posted By tapreach to Kingdom Prayer For Kingdom People Around the World at 2/07/2007 09:1

The Call For Blacksmiths by Robin McMillan and CMM Updates and Valentine's Special Gifts

Christ's Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive The Call For Blacksmiths by Robin McMillan and CMM Updates and Valentine's Special Gifts Robin McMillan, guest writer, and CMM Staff Feb 5, 2007 Note: If you wish to unsubscribe from this posting or if you are receiving duplicate emails, send an email to and write unsubsribe in the subject line. Greetings Friend of God, What an amazing year we are in!! We are so thankful for you and your prayers and your generous giving, to bless and save souls in many nations. Psalm 2:8 says, "Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance. And the ends of the earth for your possession."  Are you praying for the nations? Tell us which nation you are praying for. Email us at Valentine's Day is near. You can go to this site and order from a large selection of gifts and flowers for your sweetheart and s

How to make a cell phone case from Duct Tape and save money to sow into CMM

  How to make a cell phone case from Duct Tape—Classy—Low Cost Send the price you pay for a store made brand to CMM for missions. Visit this link for simple, fast, easy, directions.  Are you a good steward?   Jorge Parrott Photo Album Online For all your travel needs visit: Save on travel, own your own biz, click here   Jorge Parrott Photo Album Online For all your travel needs visit: Save on travel, own your own biz, click here