: Please Pray for our next Marama Night (Sat. May 5th) Tahiti

French Polynesia (South Pacific)
Marama Night of May 5th, 2007
Dear friends and prayer partners,
This coming Saturday, May 5th, from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (Tahiti time, same as Hawaii time), will be hosted our 4th Marama Night youth event at McDonald's in downtown Papeete. This is our first major open air public endeavor since the first three were held in a restaurant actually very closely located to McDonald's. In fact we will have a whole set up right in front of the McDonald's.
We'd like to request your prayers on behalf of this forthcoming night especially in these very areas:
  • smooth and favorable connections with the managing team in McDonald's (Tahiti)
  • good preparation of the youth groups from different fellowships who will be performing
  • perfect weather conditions (no rain especially)
  • no disfunctions and no damage on the equipment we will require (sound system, tent, podium, musical instruments, lights, decorations, etc.)
  • good impact of radio announcemnts, posters, flyers all over town and beyond
  • the drawing of a good crowd of youth that night
  • no discouragement or demonic strategies to hinder the teams in their performances
  • the abiding touch of the Holy Spirit to anoint the whole event
  • sensitivity and boldness in conveying the message according to the heart of God
  • good testimony of the Christian youth involved in the event
  • many hearts touched and ready to receive the love of Jesus unto salvation & healing
  • an increasing awareness of the presence of God during our Marama Night events
  • favor with city officials and also the permit to hold our next Marama Night (on June 2nd) at the Bougainville Park of Papeete, an even wider open air space
Vision of the Harvest will be purchasing a first piece of sound equipment this week that will be strategic to our Marama Night events and the youth concerts we are planning to hold in the near future. We're praying that we will have the required budget to buy all that's needed. We also need your prayers!
With love and appreciation for your partnership in the Lord's Harvest,
Edualdo & Aline Cicero
Vision of the Harvest - Tahiti

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