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New Christian Confronted With Witch Who Poured Boiled Water On Her! God's Love Is For Us!

   Christ's Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive New Christian Confronted With Witch Who Poured Boiled Water On Her! God's Love Is For Us! Amit Timothy Hebrom--CMMNCCT Student in India Oct 30, 2008     God's Amazing Grace and Love   New Christian In India Confronted By A Witch Who Poured Boiling Water On Her.   Above is the Picture of Sister "NEELAM" , who is an active Church member of Bridge Church Patna, India. She Accepted Christ Jesus as her personal Savior hardly a month ago. It's a story dated 16 th Oct '08 When she was sharing the word of God to a lady who practiced witchcraft for several years. As she shared her belief as to how she received the Salvation in Jesus Christ, that lady became irate and started to practice all the magic's and sorcery against her but to all in vain , so when she be

Messenger of Love--Report from Alissa Cooper in Uganda

Messenger of Love-October Newsletter Alissa Cooper--New CMM Missionary In Africa   Greetings Friend of the Nations, Alissa Cooper from the great state of Pennsylvania is just back from the summer in Mozambique, where she trained with Rolland and Heidi Baker, of IRIS Ministries, , and Sudan visiting Michele Perry, Alissa left her teaching position in May, took her retirement account, paid off her school loans, and is now obediently and radiantly following the Lord Jesus and will build an orphanage in Uganda. Her October update is available.It is beautifully called, "Messenger of Love"  Please click here. What a magnificent time to seek the presence of God. I believe that during this current economic upheaval many will be closer to the Lord and listening to His voice to find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Life is more than a job we don't enjoy, more than a bank account, more than a 401k. Lives ar

I, the Convert--A letter from a high caste convert to Jesus. More than a change of religion....a change of heart!

I, The Convert My conversion was not a change of religion; it was a change of heart Anand Mahadevan I   was born a Brahmin and am the grandson of a priest whom I dearly loved. I am educated and my current professional standing indicates that I am reasonably intelligent. I am also affluent and my income would put me distinctly in the upper middle class bracket. I guess that would make me high-caste, rich and smart. In other words, I am not a tribal, or poor or dim-witted. And yet, I chose to become a follower of Jesus Christ. The world would call me a convert to Christianity. I have no problems with that, though I see my faith more as a relationship with God through Jesus Christ than as a religion. And for the record, I can truthfully claim that no one financially induce

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Urgent Prophetic word from Wendy Alec on Eye of the Storm - Elections - Economic collapse

  If you cannot read this message correctly, please click here     PROPHETIC WORD BY WENDY ALEC EYE OF THE STORM - ELECTIONS - ECONOMIC COLLAPSE And THE LORD SAID - "Tell My people that THEY DO NOT HAVE TO FEAR. Things will get ROUGH - Things will get TURBULENT- BUT I WILL KEEP THEM SAFE IN THE EYE OF THE STORM." The Lord woke me up in the early hours of the morning the week before the bailout was passed - It was around four am in the morning and I kept hearing one sentence over and over again and that sentence was 'EYE OF THE STORM - EYE OF THE STORM..,' and then I started to hear Psalm 91 as well, and I said to the Lord - "Father - Your people are very familiar with Psalm 91", but I sensed this was DIFFERENT - there was such a specific and powerful rhema anointing on this Psalm concerning the current financial situation. "He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the sh

Fall CMM Newsletter-30th Anniversary Special Edition enclosed

Greetings Precious Saint of God, Attached is our 2008 Fall Newsletter going to thousands, and a photo page too, (two sided).  Please make copies and distribute freely. If your church would like some mailed to you, please let us know. They are being printed this week and we hope to have them in the (Postal) mail by early next week. If you live in the US and receive our newsletters, please email me when you get your copy. Please pray for America.   I hear some conservatives saying we should not give into fear with the markets, but today I believe the Lord is saying, we need to give in, surrender totally, and repent as a nation, and give into the fear of the Lord, a holy fear. Pray for truth and righteousness to prevail in the lands of the earth. God loves us very much.  I heard yesterday from a local pastor that he met a Chinese man recently and this man said, "in Chinese, one definition of a crisis translates to ''opportunity".  We have before us great opportunities 

God Is Pouring Out His Amazing Love--Do You Want Some?

   Christ''s Mandate For Missions Subscribe     Unsubscribe     Change E-mail     View Archive God Is Pouring Out His Amazing Love--Do You Want Some? Earl Thurner and Torea Manjard Oct 12, 2008 Earl Thurner is a friend of God. He has been sent to Nicaragua to foster an atmosphere of spiritual change, transformation, and a real love invasion. Earl was introduced to us through our dear CMM missionaries in Tahiti, Edualdo and Aline Cicero and Torea and Teresa Manjard. We have two report here: 1. a report from Torea in Tahiti of how God used him 'on the job' to bring healing to a hurting woman. 2. an update from Earl of recent breakthroughs in Nicaragua. A large event with anticipated crowds of 50,000 is being arranged in Nicaragua in Dec. If you have an interest in going to be part of what God is doing, contact the CMM office at or call 704-225-3927. 1. Torea: 1. Her name was Carmen, and she had called the off