New Christian Confronted With Witch Who Poured Boiled Water On Her! God's Love Is For Us!


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New Christian Confronted With Witch Who Poured Boiled Water On Her! God's Love Is For Us!
Amit Timothy Hebrom--CMMNCCT Student in India
Oct 30, 2008


God's Amazing Grace and Love


New Christian In India Confronted By A Witch Who Poured Boiling Water On Her.


Above is the Picture of Sister "NEELAM" , who is an active Church member of Bridge Church Patna, India. She Accepted Christ Jesus as her personal Savior hardly a month ago.

It's a story dated 16th Oct '08 When she was sharing the word of God to a lady who practiced witchcraft for several years. As she shared her belief as to how she received the Salvation in Jesus Christ, that lady became irate and started to practice all the magic's and sorcery against her but to all in vain , so when she

became more violent and find helpless when her all magic could not harm this daughter of Jesus Christ, then immediately she went inside the kitchen and took a hot boiled water pot and threw that on her whole Body and she was totally burnt and she was crying for help.

As the media person lived just beside this house where this incident took place so fortunately he took the picture right there.

After that local policeman came there and the witch lady before some could have

reported to the police men she rushed to the police station and filed an F.I.R report

again this sister to misguide them. But soon as the Police men saw the position sister. They understood immediately that the sister "Neelam" was not guilty but that lady who practiced witchcraft is.

It's really a blessing for us that as she was taken to the hospital but she refused to take medicines as her belief is that Jesus Christ has suffered all the penalties for all the humanity and the sickness so she didn't' need any medicines. 

She Challenged every body that God will give her better face soon and to our great surprise God has to done a miracle for her she is absolutely healed and more beautiful now in just 12 days from the date she was burnt you can see the pic of the

last Sunday service as she came to join us after that incident.

Sister Neelam picture taken on this Sunday service 26th Oct

Keep us her and our Whole Congregation in your daily prayer.

In His Name

Pastor. Amit Timothy Hembrom

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