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Jiménez Saint FEBRUARY Argentina newsletter

                    Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez-Saint Córdoba, Argentina   Out of the will of God there is no such thing as success; in the will of God there is no such thing as failure. David Amstutz             February 2010 Dearest friends, The quote makes one wonder, is there such thing as failure? Is it just my perspective and consideration? But what is true is that when we seek to be in the will of God, things turn out to be a blessing, no matter what success or failure may seem to others or even to ourselves! So… it is comforting to know that God works out His ways in us. We have had a summer of extremely dry spells, and then floods and heavy rains… We spent Christmas and New Year's with friends and family, then we went for a week to Lake Valley Conference Center as invited guests! Humberto preached most nights, and Ari and I shared a night apiece also, and our kids "worked" for their week by being the musicians. It was a great time. One on nigh

Jai and Yori Youth Meeting... India church building update... pictures

  Dr.Jorge and CMM family,    Peace be with you!   How are you? May God bless you.   We are happy to share with you that God has spoken to me to conduct  a YOUTH MEETING for all High School students, and college students in the month of March on 8th.     I have shared this with Yori and all our believers to pray for this Youth Meeting yesterday (Sunday). Every body has peace in their heart for this Youth Meeting.    On 8th of March we are going to conduct this youth meeting.   We are planning to reach only non-christian young people. It is very challengeble to reach them. "But it is my strength nor my power but THE SPIRIT" says the Lord.    I believe God will bring the people whom he wants to bring and provide the funds for the meeting.    Please uphold this special Youth Meeting in your prayers, which is going to be held on 8th of March by faith and prayer.        And also please do pray for the CHURCH BUILDING SHELTER TO WORSHIP THE LORD.  By God's grace,

The OAK Weekly Letter Vol. 2 No.6

     2010                                                                                                                                         Vol. 2 No. 6   Dear Jorge Parrott,      Last week we hosted our first gathering just for Oak Initiative members. It was an extraordinary time and I think exceeded all of our expectations. If you were not able to be there, it was all recorded and the DVD's and CD s will soon be available on our website. There are a number of these teachings that would be excellent to show to your gathering or Chapter, and should stimulate not only interchange but action.      From our perspective the most encouraging thing was to see the quality of people being drawn to The Oak. We have a national advertising campaign planned that will likely swell our ranks, but we are more concerned that The Oak grows strong, not just big. This will always be depend

Get Immediate Tax Deduction Off Your 2009 Taxes by giving to Haiti NOW!!

100% of  funds given through MorningStar/CMM goes to help Haiti quake victims. Read below and as if you are led to give, go to: or Your donation will help Pastor Astrel Vincent and his 300 pastors and their families build the New Haiti. Haiti Relief Donations Qualify for Immediate Tax Relief   Video Haiti Earthquake Donations: English  | ASL For this and other videos: YouTube/IRSVideos IR-2010-12, Jan. 25, 2010 WASHINGTON — People who give to charities providing earthquake relief in Haiti can claim these donations on the tax return they are completing this season, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Taxpayers who itemize deductions on their 2009 return qualify for this special tax relief provision, enacted Jan. 22. Only cash contributions made to these charities after Jan. 11, 2010, and before March 1, 2010, are eligible. This includes contributions made by text message, check, credit car

Thousands Upon Thousands Touched In Haiti

Disasters can bring out the worst in us and the best in us. Thank God for the hearts of many from around the world in the last month since the Haiti earthquake.  Hundreds of organizations and thousands of Americans continue to lead the way in offering disaster relief. We are thankful for the $15,000. generator in place at Vincent's school and the new, used truck for Vincent. 100% of funds goes to earthquake victims. Through great compassion poured out we can not even calculate how much. However, estimates have been revised to over $500,000. in food, medicines, materials, tents, rope, tarps, has been dropped off at Vincent's. By God's grace 1,000-2,000 people have been fed every day for a month. Something like 35,000 to 50,000 meals have been served. If you gave through MorningStar, CMM, The Order of St. John,  or another organization helping Haiti, know that thousands and thousands of lives have been touched and many saved too, by your love. Victor wrote me today that it

Awesome Miracle Update Haiti

    Subject: Awsome Miracle Update Haiti   Greetings Beloved,   Once again, our Lord and Savior has brought forth such a wonderful surprise. Today is the one month anniversary of the earthquake. The nation called a day of morning....The collective church called for a day of fasting and prayer.  Guess we know who's hearing God, huh?   OVER 15,000 IN ATTENDANCE! Little did I know that the crowds would come to our church site to pray. I was expecting a good double of our normal attendance for prayer but I was pleasantly surprised as people kept coming, and coming, and coming. It was well over 15,000 who came. Maybe close to 20,000 but I always stay a bit conservative with my numbers. They were everywhere. In front..on the hill under the trees. There was at least a thousand standing behind the platform. The power, mercy and love of God was all over us. There was a great call and prayer for national repentance. We literally stood before the thrown of God and cried out to him

John Ebenezer-75 Year Old Fireball in India Reaching Thousands

 *Editor's Note: John has been a friend of CMM for ten years. We love how John takes the 'untouchables' of India and gives them Jesus, teaches them to read, to share the word, and evangelize the rural tribal villages in Andhra Pradesh. He has over 450 pastors and thousands of church members. Three years ago, we sent a medical team there and the Drs. saw thousands and thousands of people in one week and the lead Dr. (Rob Kessinger, a dear friend of ours and MorningStar) said that of the many trips their teams had gone on, that visiting John Ebenezer was the most organized and the most people the doctors had ever been on or served.  Pray for John and he will tell you there are many more to reach, many more wells drill($850.00), more churches to build($10,000), and more orphans to care for ($30.00). Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010 9:24 am Hyderabad, India John Ebenezer is an amazing man. For someone being 75, he is a non-stop "pastor of pastors". Bu

Ministering in Tribal Indian Villages, a man from Charlotte encounters the Living God

  Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010 East India By Steve Martin, Vision for Israel and MFM member, We are about to begin our third day of the conference. It has been a precious time, as I hope you have been able to read in my previous e-mails. If you had told me even a year ago, before the personal invitation to come here, to east India of all places (which wasn't on my radar screen!) to speak the Lord's word to pastors... If you had told me that this was in the Lord's plan, I would have given you a serious, puzzled, "ain't going to happen" look. And then if I was told I would be speaking three times a day for four days in India, I would have really thought you were speaking to the wrong guy. Direct a business or ministry staff? Sure. Prepare financial statements monthly for a board of directors? No problem? Administrate a conference 40 times? Been there, done that. But to tell me that the Lord was going to use me to share Scripture publicly, as one who can teach His Wo

Update from Jai andYori Orphanage and Church in AP, India

 Dr.Jorge,     Thanks a lot for your e-mail.    In spite of all challenges, and financial struggles and oppositions, we have started the Church construction by the STEP OF FAITH AND FASTING PRAYER.    Within this month of Feb. the roof has to be completed. Otherwise we will not have any room nor place to worship. Thus far we' been conducting all prayer meetings and worship services in a rented house. Now, the owner(Hindu man)asked us vocate it  and don't conduct any more christian meetings in the building. One side we face an opposition and other side we are very much challenged for a permanant place/shelter for worship.     At least for now we want to finish the roof  temporarily. So that we will have some shelter to worship the Lord among these non-Christian community.    We just need only $1,900. for making this roof.  God willing we can build  the permanant building later on(may be in Oct or Nov).     Please stand with us in the time such as this.        Thank you so much

Life in an Indian Christian School with John Ebenezer in AP India by Steve Martin

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010 6:15 pm Khammam, India By Steve Martin, MFM member Our ride finally came to the hotel at 9 am , just a tad bit after the 7 am time we were told. As I said earlier, "on time" here just isn't what I am used to. (Don't tell the staff about being two hours late. I still have over 24 clocks at the office. Those who have seen my Charlotte office know that I am not "evangelistically speaking" one bit.) During the 30 minute one-way journey to the church property again, there was an extraordinary quantity of cattle and water buffaloes walking on the two lane highway. Pastor John said Wednesday is flea market day. Now I have been to many flea markets (Laurie and I love them, as does Timmy the Bryant), and even a cattle auction before. Mixing the two is very interesting. Sounds like a new business adventure in Pineville, NC, heh?! Pastor John Ebenezer's son is the administrator of a private school here, named after this village of 15,000

Update from Steve Martin from Merchala, India and Pastors Conference with John Ebenezer

  Report from India Pastor's Conference CMM/MorningStar/MFM   Post #1 Morningstar Missions by Steve Martin, Vision For Israel and MFM member. Today the pastors began coming for the "Holy Spirit Conference on Israel." Many had already arrive by the time Edgar and I were driven the 25 minutes from our hotel to this country village. When we pulled up onto the church property, we were surprised and delighted to see a 3' x 12' banner over the gated entry, with our names, photos, Vision for Israel & The Joseph Storehouse displayed on it. The host pastor John Ebenezer also gave later me copies of the conference flyer to bring home. I only recognized my picture but couldn't read anything else, so he translated all as I wrote above each word. It was a real joy meeting these pastors, and seeing their smiles. Many, if not all, had come from Hindu backgrounds. After believing on the One True God, the Lord Jesus for salvation, once they turned from the millions of

Laughing Jesus by Robin McMillan

  Waking Up by Robin McMillan LAUGHING JESUS Posted: 31 Jan 2010 05:46 PM PST I picked this rendering of Jesus because He is laughing. (I don't know who drew it and apologize for using it without permission.) Most historic religious imagery of the Lord shows Him serene, serious, ethereal, other worldly, in agony, or sad. I know that He was the suffering Savior but he was also 'anointed with the oil of joy above his companions' (Hebrews 1:8-9). People need to see a laughing, joyful, happy Jesus to round out their understanding of God! Jesus is the source of our joy and as King of the universe, is seated on a throne having been anointed with joy. "Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of Your kingdom. You love righteousness and hate wickedness; Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions" (Psalms 45:6-7). In Acts 2:15-21 Peter defends th