Awesome Miracle Update Haiti


Subject: Awsome Miracle Update Haiti

Greetings Beloved,
Once again, our Lord and Savior has brought forth such a wonderful surprise. Today is the one month anniversary of the earthquake. The nation called a day of morning....The collective church called for a day of fasting and prayer.  Guess we know who's hearing God, huh?
Little did I know that the crowds would come to our church site to pray. I was expecting a good double of our normal attendance for prayer but I was pleasantly surprised as people kept coming, and coming, and coming. It was well over 15,000 who came. Maybe close to 20,000 but I always stay a bit conservative with my numbers. They were everywhere. In front..on the hill under the trees. There was at least a thousand standing behind the platform. The power, mercy and love of God was all over us. There was a great call and prayer for national repentance. We literally stood before the thrown of God and cried out to him that He would forgive our nation. The worship was sweet. The presence of God was real. Thank you Jesus! Check the pics on our relief page...
Even though it was a prayer service, many came that were not yet saved. It may be even close to 500 who accepted Jesus today.  I don't know, but I'll have actual numbers tomorrow. The saints have a whole new sobriety to the Holiness of God along with approaching His thrown. Thank you Lord for drawing your people to your saving Grace.
We are so excited about getting our new 20,000 sq. ft. tent this next week. We're still getting the concrete forms and iron set on the site. This should be done this week. Hopefully before the tent comes, we'll have the cement poured. We want to give our special thanks to City Church in Northern California for the purchase, transport, and help with the tent, the air blowers and all the other many details that they have covered to enable us to have a place to worship. Thank you God! Thank you City Church!
By the grace of God we've received a couple of shipments of food that has enabled us to begin feeding the people in the surrounding areas. I'm sure we've already come close to putting another 10,000 meals out. We'll be ministering to our own church members , Monday. Many have been somewhat scattered since the event.
Well we're out of the news, but still in the battle. Hundreds of thousands still live in tent cities all over the city. Food is beginning to get distributed through different agencies, but many still live with below basic provisions. We've now began the "Rebuild Phase". We're working on our own facility repairs. We've begun to take some of the money donated and have started helping people repair their houses. This is an area many of you can give to. For about $3k we can rebuild or repair many of our brothers and sisters houses. If this interests you or your church...please contact us so that we can work out the details with you.
Remember we love all of you so much. Linda and I want to thank you for all your sacrifice and prayers. Together we will "Rebuild Haiti" as we "Build His Kingdom".
Pastor Jay & Linda Threadgill

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