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Saved By An Angelic Force Field Jorge Parrott

Saved By An Angelic Force Field and Update From The Flood In Coban, Guatemala Jorge Parrott Aug 23, 2007 Update from Guatemala Flood in Coban Cathy Grant, daughter of Cliff and Sunny Grant, CMM missionaries in Coban, Guatemala, reports that rescue efforts are over and now the work of clean up, repairs, and rebuilding begins. The Grants express their gratitude for the emergency funds that have come in so far. They have bought food and clothing for some of 300 families who were forced from their homes damaged in the sudden deluge that began Sunday, August 12th and stopped on Tuesday, August, 14th. Nine people lost their lives in Coban. Many said the damage and disaster was much worse than in Hurricane Mitch. If you are interested in joining a disaster relief team to Coban, call 704-225-3927 or email at Funds are needed for food, clothing, and to repair the damaged and destroyed homes near Nueva Esperanza, where CMM has planted a church. During Hurricane Mitch,