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Talk to James Goll live Monday night.

  ===========================================================   PLEASE JOIN US MONDAY NIGHT &   TALK TO JAMES GOLL LIVE !    LIVE CALL IN TALK SHOW IS BACK THIS MONDAY NIGHT!   James Goll will join us Monday night, January 26th! JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT CALL IN "TALK SHOW" PROGRAM THIS MONDAY NIGHT. IN YOUR TIME ZONE IT WOULD BE THESE TIMES:   EASTERN: 10:00 p.m. CENTRAL: 9:00 p.m. PACIFIC: 8:00 p.m.    NOTE: Those in different countries are welcome to join us too! Just  adjust the time for your zone and use Skype or join us on the internet live!   Dear Friends,   Please help to make tonight's talk show a success!!!   We hope you will join us this coming Monday night for our "Live Talk Show" call in program. It will begin with closed mics and a time of teaching from James Goll, after which the mic will open to everyone for comments and questions about the topic(s) we cover.   It will b

Joni Ames Coming To Activate This Saturday January 24th--Pass It On!!!

Dear One, Joni Ames will be at Activate Church this weekend  Saturday January 24th at 7pm. Come one and all. Pass this around. We will have Seth Amoah Boateng, from Ghana and a student at Morningstar U. and speaks on Saturday January 31st. He is a powerful preacher and all who have heard him before were 'blown away' in a very holy way. This year is already amazing! Do you see a glimpse of what God is desiring? Let's align with Him all the way. Come and hear one of the great prophetesses of our times, Joni.  Joni is remarkable and you who are hungry will be satisfied! Check out Joni's website at: We highly recommend subscribing to her email newsletters. The time is now. Come expecting and anticipating. God is saying, "what do you want?" Blessings, Jorge and Anna Marie Parrott

Our God is faithful...From Jai in India--Send them your prayer requests

  Greetings, Please pray also for Tracy S. in Alabama, one of our key intercessors and a mighty woman of God. She is undergoing some heavy duty medical procedures and is having radioactive fluids injected this week and must be in isolation for several days to avoid contaminating anyone. She is a wonderful mother and wife and needs strong prayers right to the Throneroom. Pray her thyroid will not be damaged by this testing. Jorge and Anna Marie Dear family of God,     It is a great miracle today from God through Dr.Jorge and CMM family for LLM orphanage provision.As you all know about the LLM orphanage financial challenges, even for daily bread. Praise God for Dr.Jorge and CMM family who could send some funds for the orphanage to buy some food.        God is so amazing and faithful God.       We are so thankful to you for all your prayers and standing with us.       And also I thank God for the tough time for food in the orphanage, which enabled us to grow in prayer-life and tr

Israel About to Strike Iran??? This was prophesied last spring.

 Hello, This is from Karen Williams, who with husband Steven, are in Mass. doing student ministry training at Brandeis University and establishing a prophetic ministry near Boston with homegroups prior to a church plant. Pray for them and go visit them as led by the Lord. Blessings, Jorge and Anna Marie   Here's a very interesting article on Israel and Iran that is very informative and worth 2 minutes to read.   Karen

Happy New Year & A Word From The Parrotts

     :   Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Happy New Year  2009   In the Message version I saw this in Matthew 9:27-31, "When Jesus got home, the blind men went in with him. Jesus said to them, "do you believe I can do this?" They said, "Why yes, Master!" He touched their eyes and said,  "Become what you believe." What do you believe for 2009? This battle in the mind we fight is a 'moment by moment' choice of what do we believe? This year will be the best year ever for many. If you need to turn off the news, turn it off. If you need to adjust your style of living to