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Jungle/Tribal Mission Journey Harvesters of Souls with pictures. Jai and Yori

    Dr.Jorge and CMM family,     Praise God for all His goodness and mercy and faithfulness IN YOUR FAMILY AND OUR MINISTRY.         I just want to share with you the jungle mission trip-report with you:    Brother Vijay and me came back few hours back from the jungle/agency after riding the motor bike of 400 miles of distance.We were very much challenged for the transportation. By God's grace and one of my brothers' Joy Babu gave his motor bike to use it for the ministry(for this trip only). God is so good.         1. REAPING A GREAT HARVEST IN SPITE OF A GREAT OPPOSITION:        I am more than rejocing in the Lord for all His great and mighty and tremendous works that He has done through us among the tribal brothers and sister in the jungle.    In spite of a great oppositions for brother Rajaratnam and his family, God has been using more powerfully. There are many other great things to share with you during past three days in the jungle.    But one of the greatest thin

Vanuatu Amazing Love Arising and Washing Over-Miracles-Love Breaking Out by Terri Morrow, CMM Revivalist

  Vanuatu, S. Pacific Island Nation, Receiving the Father's Love.      by Terri Morrow, CMM Revivalist/Missionary My dear amazing family, I arrived back in the U.S. on the 14th of March with great stories of God's faithfulness and favor, the truth of the Gospel, and the love of a Father. Not only am I thankful for what He has done, I am stretching toward more of the same, with greater expectation of things to come. The details are many, so I will relate them as I recall them, not necessarily in order. I was blessed with a very strong ministry partner, Celest Holloman, who was faithful to journal every day. The day after our arrival we discovered that all of Vanuatu was under a Tsunami warning and that people were fleeing to higher ground. We had not met the pastor whose church I was to preach in because of the warning, so we attended a Presbyterian church just up the road from our Port Vila hotel. The next day we flew to Tanna, although we had tickets for a Tongoa flight,

Explosion on TBN Nicaragua, Word Becomes Flesh, Danger, and Miracles

  Beholding Miracles Nationwide!      An unexpected invitation to speak on the weekly live national broadcast of TBN's service on Friday morning turned into a visitation of the Holy Spirit where hundreds were overcome by the power and presence of God viewed throughout Nicaragua and other places.  The studio was packed out and many pastors were there also.  It was an explosion!  I was very happy to be able to teach and demonstrate clearly the gospel of the kingdom and announce the heavens everyone is crying out to open to already be open since the days of Jesus Christ!  While sharing it began to shift the prophetic tomorrow into today and healings began breaking out all over the room and dozens stood only to be blown down by the power of God, right on national TV.  To be able also to proclaim the prophetic word over NIcaragua and also prophesy over TBN released tremendous awareness of destiny each time.  One woman came 12 hours looking for a miracle.  She had stomach disease and un

OAK: Don't Let Freedom Slip Away

      2010                                                                                                                                      March 19th   Dear Jorge Parrott,      George Santayana once wrote, " Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. " And regarding the past there have been many students and scholars. However, the most credible of historians are those who have lived in the time of which they write. We at the Oak believe that sometimes the best way to say something is to listen to the one who said it the best - such is the case with the letter below.      The following is very much worth the attention of any concerned citizen. Please read with the eyes of a patriot, the strength of a defender, and the heart of an American. In His Service, The Oak Initiative 'America Truly is the Greatest Country in the World. Don't Let Freedom Slip Away.' - by Kitty Werthman      I am an eyewitness to history. I can

EJournal with 2 CMM articles written by Jorge about Haiti and Missions globally and 2 videos with Rick Joyner

 Greetings, Here is the latest EJournal from MorningStar. I have two articles and two videos in here regarding CMM and MorningStar missions. We have intercessors to pray for you and we have teams available to help you plan your next mission adventure. Enjoy and be blessed. Jorge Parrott

From Thailand

  at the refugee camp...     Clockwise... 1. Happy to see us! The boys watched us in the dusty dirt (along with 100's of others) as we brought our bags to stay awhile. Many helped us carry our load. 2. Parents and students build classrooms for the school, always in need of repair. 3. This Christian school has hundreds of refugee students... with a glimmer of hope for the future. 4. We gathered the kids in groups to teach and to encourage them, pray with them. They received rewards for work well done. They're diligent to work hard and to learn. 5. She was born in the camp. Thousands of children are here in one of the smallest of the Keran refugee camps. 6. School kitchen. 7. Getting there! Long, slow, challenging hours winding along the side of steep mountains in Thailand bordering Burma... Keran people here lost everything, but are getting to know Jesus. Some go to Bible school here. They become missionaries. Good News goes out through the

Videos of Rick Joyner and Jorge Parrott discussing CMM and MorningStar Missions and an update on Haiti relief

Hello Friend, We are pleased to share these videos with you. We pray you are blessed and encouraged at how God is linking ministries for the advancement of the Kingdom.   Haiti: A Nation Reborn MorningStar Missions and CMM Join Forces Please let us know your prayer requests. We have a team of intercessors waiting to pray for you and your family. Let us help plan your next faith adventure in the Lord. Step out of the familiar in to the unfamiliar and experience God more fully in faith. Blessings, Jorge This E-mail is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521 and is legally privileged. This information is confidential and is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Please immediately notify Dr. Jorge P

We Helped a Dear Woman who was a fire victim in India

  Online pictures are available for 30 days   Dear beloved Rev. Jorge Greetings to you in the precious and wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am glad to let you know that today we could help FIRE VICTIM to widow women and her daughter with two bags of Rice, cooking vessels, clothes, Blankets and other material which are needed for the primary living. I praise God for His provision in this matter.   Well the widow women said to me and my father that it is really great help and it is God's help for her and she praise God for that. Moreover the leaders of that village and so called rich people could not do anything to her rather we the Christian loving people are able to stand with her to help with this necessary material. So the Hindu neighbors when they have been watching our help, they said we are having such a great concern and love towards for the victims. So I give all the glory and honor to the lord Jesus Christ be

From Jai and Yori in AP, India, Pray For Youth Outreach!

 Dr.Jorge, ( )   Thank you so much for all your blessed and encouragement and prophetic words through your e-mail. We are so much blessed.   Thank you for praying for the forth-coming outreach for non-Christian youth and Church building project.        Today, our co-workers brother Nathan and brother Vijay are announcing at all colleges and high schools and by-passes and streets and every corner of the town through mikes by a taxi. Brother Vijay and Nathan are using nice and contexuvalised-words such as "VICTORY OVER YOUR FINAL EXAMS" IF ANYBODY WANTS TO BE VICTORIOUS, PLEASE COME AND RECEIVE GOD'S BLESSINGS FOR YOUR EDUCATION".    They are not using any complicated and religious words. The Spirit of God has given them a wise words to reach every Hindu family.      But our enemy has been attacking us financially now. We don't have enough funds to buy some food and arrange some sounds, mats and tents. And also we want to buy

Pastor Vincent On Haiti Earthquake by Cristi Winkler

  Pastor Vincent On Haiti Earthquake by Cristi Winkler   For updates visit: and     In one day, hour or even minute everything can change and no planning time is given for it. It was actually one minute and 1 second according to Pastor Astrel Vincent, from Cite Soliel, when everything changed. In what seemed like the worst thing that could have happened it appears God is turning for His good, like the finger of God in a divine appointment.   It was on January 12 th around 4:50 pm when Pastor Astrael Vincent had found himself unable to stand and fell to his knees. There had been hurricanes but this could not compare. He hid himself in one hand and raised his other shouting in fear for people to get out of the church and houses that this was an earthquake. He also was desperately calling out for God's grace. What he then heard was the sound of screaming and crying from everywhere. Every home every person.   This part

Haiti Trip Report From Virginia Team-CMM

Arrived in Dominican Republic on Sat. Feb 27th and left at 6am for the long and difficult ride to Haiti. We were escorted by a Colonel, friend of Victor Rodriguez, in the DR Military. This allowed us to bypass military check points and delays at the border.   We stayed Sun. and Monday Pastor Vincent's compound in Cite Soleil. Monday, we went to a clinic in Cite Soleil. We saw over 200 people. Evaluating, diagnosing and treating their medical problems.The people were happy to see us and greeted us by hugs and kissing our hands. After clinic, we stayed and played with the children. We passed out candy and coloring books also.   Tues and Wed., we went to a remote mountain village in the city of Cazel. These village people had never seen missionaries before. Most had never had any form of medical care either. We had a 2 day clinic. Rumor had spread through the village that we were coming and some people walked for several days to get to our clinic. The people were so wonde