We Helped a Dear Woman who was a fire victim in India


Online pictures are available for 30 days

Dear beloved Rev. Jorge

Greetings to you in the precious and wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am glad to let you know that today we could help FIRE VICTIM to widow women and her daughter with two bags of Rice, cooking vessels, clothes, Blankets and other material which are needed for the primary living. I praise God for His provision in this matter.


Well the widow women said to me and my father that it is really great help and it is God's help for her and she praise God for that. Moreover the leaders of that village and so called rich people could not do anything to her rather we the Christian loving people are able to stand with her to help with this necessary material. So the Hindu neighbors when they have been watching our help, they said we are having such a great concern and love towards for the victims. So I give all the glory and honor to the lord Jesus Christ because He is compassionate God.


Today I am so happy that God helped me to stretch forth our helping hands towards her needs of these people. Please pray for KATHAM physical handicapped daughter as she is suffering from severe fever. My father Pastor Gabriel has prayed for both of them. Here with I am sending few pictures of the Help to them.


Thank you for your encouragement and prayer for our ministry especially for this family.


Yours prayerfully


Pastor Samuel


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