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Contest for CSCL and Ben Joyner's "Coke" commercial links

.  Subject: "Harris Teeter" CSCL video/song contest  & Ben Joyner's "Coke" commercial links Here are video links for two great videos.  All we need are your votes and support to let media know were out there - and really darn creative. CSCL could win as much as $10,000 for their school.  And, Ben and his friends can win $30,000 dollars.     "Harris Teeter" CSCL video link:  CSCL 5 th grade entered  the "Harris Teeter" video/jingle contest.     1)       All you have to do is click on the link below. 2)       Watch. J 3)       Click on "love it", click "sign-up" – 4)       fill out the info & vote. 5)       Comments and views are important with this video as well – so please do both!   Ben Joyer's  Coca Cola video link: *There are a few more steps for this one:     1)        Copy the link below (ctrl c) – "you'll need it later"  & then

India: John Ebenezer, update 4-11 New Church photos


India: a miracle through Home Function meet in last

  Dr.Jorge and mother Anna Marie,    We are so thankful to you for all your prayers for the Home Function Meet. Through this Home Function Meet, every week we touch every individual life personally with the gospel and prayer of intercession.    God has been using us so much. This is very effective method of reaching more souls than big big crusades.  Every individual is able to open their hearts personally. Praise God for last night HOme Function Meet at brother Prasad's home.   Sister Kumari(Prasad's wife) has been suffering from kidneys-damage(both). Due to this kidneys problem, sister Kumari had been suffering from severe pain at her back/waist. She was taken to the hospital few weeks back. The doctor said "there  are some stones in both kidneys. More over there is a big stone in the bladder." So, she has to go for an operation for the bladder stone.   This family is so poor. Brother Prasad requested the doctor to give some medicines not operation. But the doct

The Deception of Tahiti

Editor's note: pray for Tahiti. MorningStar/CMM missionaries Earl and Jana Thurner write with this gripping update.  Jorge Parrott Subject: You Tube From Tahiti and The Deception of Tahiti Iaorana!           Beautiful men, women and children in idyllic scenes of lush scenery and blue green water smile at you from every travel brochure and advertisement of French Polynesia.  When people think of Tahiti, how do they think of it?  Paradise, relaxation, vacation, gorgeus land bathed in the rhythmic movements of the soft ocean with half naked women dancing and handsome men blowing the conch on canoes.  Yet to live here is to live under deep oppression.  The other day after ministering to a group of elderly Tahitian men, I stepped into a shop where 2 women were.  One was the manager and the other worked there.  I asked to bless their business and the manager asked me why I was laying hands on the men in the street.  We shared a bit and she was definitely hesitant about us praying