Contest for CSCL and Ben Joyner's "Coke" commercial links

Subject: "Harris Teeter" CSCL video/song contest  & Ben Joyner's "Coke" commercial links

Here are video links for two great videos.  All we need are your votes and support to let media know were out there - and really darn creative.

CSCL could win as much as $10,000 for their school.  And, Ben and his friends can win $30,000 dollars.



"Harris Teeter" CSCL video link:

 CSCL 5th grade entered  the "Harris Teeter" video/jingle contest.



1)      All you have to do is click on the link below.

2)      Watch. J

3)      Click on "love it", click "sign-up" –

4)      fill out the info & vote.

5)      Comments and views are important with this video as well – so please do both!


Ben Joyer's  Coca Cola video link:

*There are a few more steps for this one:



1)       Copy the link below (ctrl c) – "you'll need it later"  & then click on the link

2)       Arrive @ video/site – Watch & enjoy commercial*

3)      *Click on vote  - it asks you to login/sign up – pick "sign-up"

4)      You only have to fill out  "*" items, & pick film or photography for job/profession & then pick your country

5)      It directs you to go to email – login or use your mstar's.   Click on email in link

6)        It brings you back to the site – which your are now logged in.

7)       Just erase the search bar & paste the previously copied link

8)        It'll take you right to the coke commercial again & click on "vote"

9)        "SUCCESS"



Please vote both!!! J



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