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From Indian Jungle Trip.... Hope For Precious Lepers

 Dr.Jorge and CMM Family,     Greetings to you in Jesus' name. Thank you so much for all your prayers for my trip to jungle.   I am so much rejoicing in the Lord for bringing me and our team back from the jungle ministry after two days of visiting our co-workers, and encouraging them in the jungle ministry challenges.                  THE COMMITMENT OF CO-WORKERS:      It was such an adventurous trip for me and our team to go and visit them by public transportation. There was not any vehicle for us to travel around the jungle. Just by walking and bicycles (our co-workers) with all our luggag. It was another good experience in the jungle, walking with all our luggage on our shoulders. We could sing and praise God while walking through  the jungle.       I am so happy to see our co-worker's(brother Rajaratnam, Lazarus , Amose,  Josesh,  Cornelius and Anand) commitment in spite of many oppositions  such as from local witchcraft people, anti-christian forces, and  challenges su

thank you note from the CMM/LLM orphanage boys in India and pictures...

  Dear uncle Jorge and  aunt Anna Marie,        Praise God for all of your prayers and being a blessing for our lives.     This e-mail from the LLM Children's HOme(orphanage), India:    We are praying for aunt Ann and her healing. Tonight is our whole night prayer. we will pray for her complete healing.      We are so much thankful to you and your faithful prayers and support for our little lives.    Eventhough we do not have anybody(no parents, nor relatives), God has blessed with Spritual parents and brothers and sisters and uncles and aunties in Christ.      We are every much blessed with our spiritual parents(Jai&Yori) and  spiritual uncle Jorge and aunt Anna Marie.      We are so happy to tell you that we have had very nice recreation in the creation of God with all our Children HOme, yesterday.       We have enjoyed a lot in the water and garden till evening. We went to the hotel to have our luch and dinner.     We are very much praising God for all good thin

Taking Children Off The Streets of India And On To The Highway To Heaven

** Note: if you can view the photos go to: Have you listened to for missions and worship? Please pray and fast one day each month for our CMM missionaries Dr.Jorge,       When are you planning to visit India, especially our LLM family? I just want to hear from you. We have been praying for you and your trip to India.     God has been so faithful for past whole week in spite of many oppositions and financial struggles. Every day, we face many challenges. But God has been enabling us to move forward. Praise God for the two wings of FAITH AND PRAYER.     You are planing a vital role in this ministry. You are a great blessing for us and the work of God. May God bless you and use more and more. Our prayers are with you.             1.  Reaching street children: (by brother JOhn Peter and sister Santhi)      One of our LLM co-workers namely brother John Peter(now he is doing B.Th.) collected some street childen an

Arthur Burt, 97 year old prophet, protege of Smith Wigglesworth, speaking in Charlotte this Thursday May 21st, 7pm

  Arthur Burt-Prophetic Waves Coming To Pass   Host: Christ's Mandate for Missions   : Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009 Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Location: Christ's Mandate for Missions Street: 834 Tyvola Rd. Suite 100 City/Town: Charlotte, NC Phone 704-517-2557   (Arthur Burt was born in England and lives in the village of Penmaenmawr, North Wales in the UK.) Uncle Arthur, as he is known all around the world, often brings the Body of Christ together like one family. Encouraging Body ministry he echos, "My sheep hear My Voice," (John 10:27) "Listen to the Voice." He did. And because he did, this enlightening storyteller has humbly taken God's story to some forty-four nations proclaiming, "We're in the last of the last days!" By the grace of God, Arthur has been heralding in a new day for over seventy years. He's a preacher, a teacher, a pastor, a missionary evangelist, a lover of God, a prophetic voice with an urgent

Urgent Prayer Request from CMM Missionary in Uganda-Alissa Cooper

 Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, I am asking for your prayers at this time.   I really need them.   My physical body has been undergoing many physical attacks.   I have been battling illness since I came to Uganda this time-but especially in the last week.   I have been quite weak and ill these last two days.   I did go to the doctor yesterday, and they did some tests, including a Malaria test, but they all came back fine.   I really believe that much of my illness is a spiritual attack.   Today I was getting very discouraged about how weak and sick my body was, and then my eyes were opened to see that this is exactly what the enemy wants to happen.   He is quite aware that I have much work to accomplish in a short period of time.   He sees things are happening , and he wants to prevent it.   He knows that if he can get control of my health, my mind, and my emotions, he can slow things down. These attacks have not been directed to me alone.   The other people from the church an

The Heart Of A Father Shared With His Friends] Young Indian...

 From Jai and Yori, CMM Missionaries in India. Visit their web site at for more info and pictures. Listen to for missions and worship. Dear family of God,    How are you all? May the Lord keep you all with sound health and use you for the extension of His kingdom. Our prayers are with you.      Please, I want to share with you a couple of things in this weekend:   First thing is  that our LLM Gospel Team is going to come back from the jungle ministry after one week of mobile ministry among tribals. This evening the team is going to reach at home. We are looking forward to hear their testimonies and reports how God has used them.    Secondly, today, I took Raju for blood test. The report says that it is typhoid. He is very sick now. Now Raju has been taking anti-biotic injections and pills and saline bottles.    I am serving him. Because he is an orphan boy. He does not have anybody. His relatives rejected hi

Updates From: Jorge Parrott- Arthur Burt, May 21-New Orphanage In Uganda-Urgent Prayers For Mado in Spain

Updates From: Jorge Parrott- Arthur Burt, May 21-New Orphanage In Uganda-Urgent Prayers For Mado in Spain Alissa Cooper and CMM staff May 8, 2009 Dear Friends, Psalm 91:2, "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust."  Note from President Jorge Parrott,   Pray for the family of Larry Wentz, who passed away two days ago. Larry was a Vietnam vet, and suffered from Agent Orange cancer. Larry and Linda are precious, precious people and Larry is healed and dancing with Jesus. Pray for Mado Fernandez, CMM pastor in N. Spain, who suffered a heart attack and is recovering and resting. She has been a pastor for over 40 years and worked tirelessly for years with Ruben (D. 2004) in prison ministry, radio ministry, (when it was illegal), and women's counseling. Mado is strong in the Word and has led many to a closer walk with the Lord for many years. We are indeed in fast changing times. Where sin a

What did Rick Joyner say about swine flu?

  Dear Jorge, It was thrilling to see so many of you on our recent Partners webinar with Rick Joyner. During the webinar the panel covered recent MorningStar updates, the

CMM Saint Jimenez MAY Argentina newsletter/ / GOOD NEWS!!!

               Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez-Saint     Youth is not a time of life, it's a state of mind.  You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. Unknown                                                                                      May 2009   Dearest friends,             The Lord is good! And like the quote expresses it, youth is a state of mind… and we are as young as that in which we believe… and as Christians we know that Christ has risen to bring hope and salvation to us…             We have had months of many blessings and challenges. In the photo, you can see the new music group that was formed with this young ex-rock musician, and they traveled to a small pueblo in C√≥rdoba to minister with music and testimony… we are delighted to add this new venture to our outreach, as this young man ha

Swine Flu Updates

 Greetings, This is from Morningstar Fellowship of Ministries Disaster Response Team.  Please feel free to share this with your churches and members. Blessings, Jorge Dear Members,   As some of you may know, MFM is also in charge of the Disaster Response area of MorningStar.  We wanted to share some information and research with you concerning the swine flu.  One of our MFC Pastors, Bill Perry, wrote the following letter to his congregation in regards to the swine flu, and we have also been preparing different flyers and notes to handout to the congregation here at MorningStar (these documents are attached to this email).  We are sending this in effort to not only give you more information about the current Pandemic Phase we are in, but also to let you know how you should be preparing your household as well as helping those around you.    You are all more than welcome to reproduce the letter below or the attached documents to distribute to your congregations, fri