Updates From: Jorge Parrott- Arthur Burt, May 21-New Orphanage In Uganda-Urgent Prayers For Mado in Spain

Updates From: Jorge Parrott- Arthur Burt, May 21-New Orphanage In Uganda-Urgent Prayers For Mado in Spain
Alissa Cooper and CMM staff
May 8, 2009

Dear Friends,

Psalm 91:2, "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust." 

Note from President Jorge Parrott,


Pray for the family of Larry Wentz, who passed away two days ago. Larry was a Vietnam vet, and suffered from Agent Orange cancer. Larry and Linda are precious, precious people and Larry is healed and dancing with Jesus.

Pray for Mado Fernandez, CMM pastor in N. Spain, who suffered a heart attack and is recovering and resting. She has been a pastor for over 40 years and worked tirelessly for years with Ruben (D. 2004) in prison ministry, radio ministry, (when it was illegal), and women's counseling. Mado is strong in the Word and has led many to a closer walk with the Lord for many years.

We are indeed in fast changing times. Where sin abounds, grace does abound more.  The times we are in require us to be more bold than ever before. We must stand for righteousness and justice and truth in this hour. Our nation is at great risk. Our constitutional foundations are being threatened and we may soon have international courts dictating outcomes of our own judicial process.  A close friend said recently that the  Lord showed him that the courage and bravery it took to found our great nation will be needed once more to save our great nation. 

The Body of Christ must unite in prayer and faith actions to stop the lawlessness and swift tides changing all that has made our nation what it is. We see in scripture that in times of famine, the way out was through generous giving. Putting the cause of Christ ahead of our own comforts and our own circles of daily living releases a heavenly outpouring of blessings and protection around our families, our homes, our jobs, our businesses, and even in our neighborhood. Are you prepared with your close circle of friends, relatives, and neighbors by having adequate food and water stored up?  How will you handle hungry, desperate people who may hear that you have food and water supplies? We are called to 'wake up', prepare our hearts, our houses, our finances, in this hour to show the love of the Father to those who come. We must have sharp discernment and know the voice of the Lord, our Shepherd, in the days ahead.I suggest you get to know your neighbors now. It is a great opportunity to share God's love, lead them to the Lord, and strengthen the relationships necessary perhaps even for your own survival.

I believe the Lord is allowing this 'compression' during this time to prepare His people to be stronger, in faith, in deed, and in utter dependence on our Lord Jesus. Many have seen in a real, harsh way that we can not count on our wealth, our reserves, or even our government to pull us out of this mess. Human ability is not capable of the rescue plan we seek. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Why not just surrender fully to HIm now? The Holy Spirit will speak to you more if you listen and obey. What is He saying to you?

We are blessed to have Gwen Shaw, founder of End-Time Handmaidens and Servants here this weekend.  She is a clear trumpet call in this season. Their website is http://eth&s.org

Thursday May 21st at 7pm CMM is honored to host Arthur Burt, from England to share with us at 834 Tyvola Rd. Suite 100 Charlotte, NC 28217. Arthur received a prophetic word from the Lord in the 1930s that is coming to pass since last year.  He has ministered with Smith Wigglesworth and many others for many years. 


Arthur wrote this in a book forward:

Dedicated to those who have missed the bus but who got there
just the same because someone gave them a lift.

"God does much with little, most with least and
everything with nothing!"

Come and join us that night if you can. May 21st at 7pm.

Meanwhile, your missionaries with CMM are on the front lines in many nations experiencing shortages, inflation, and violence.  Several of our missionaries in Pakistan are in hiding from the Taliban as we write this post. The Taliban has written on their homes, churches, and schools to prepare to die and say good bye to their families. Are you prepared to be a martyr for the cause of Christ? Whether you say yes or you are not sure, please pray for and support like never before our faithful family of CMM missionaries out there on the front lines pouring out their lives, even their blood for the one who saves, and that is Jesus of Nazareth. 


Have you listened to Radio Activate? That is CMM's missions and worship radio station on the internet 24/7 reaching into over 40 nation to date with updates and great worship music. We need some financial partners and we need MP3 files of interviews with missionaries and those who have traveled to the mission fields to share their God encounters in the faith realm of the unfamiliar, when we get out of our own comfort zones and allow God to use our available hearts to hug on, minister love to, and share His goodness, kindness, and prophetic words with those in a far off land. Hebrews 11:6 says, " Without faith, it is impossible to please God."

Please visit our web site at http://cmmissions.net and click on missions and pray for our missionaries and get to know what they are doing in the nations.

Our second graduating class of http://cmmncct.org will be graduating June 5th. We offer courses around the world that lead to an accredited degree. (Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral). Classes are available in English and Spanish.  Will you pray about sponsoring a foreign missionary or pastor in another country for $500.00USD  a year for a degree.  This means so much to them and gives them credibility and advances their influence and in depth intimacy with the Lord. You will have updates, photos of them and their family, and letters so you can build an eternal relationship with a warrior for Jesus.

Send us your prayer requests and financial investments into God's work globally to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241. Donate securely online at http://cmmissions.net

Many blessings,

Dr. Jorge Parrott


Visit Alissa's web site at http://heartforuganda.org

From Alissa Cooper in Uganda.


Dear Friends,


I cannot believe that it is already May 5th. Time has gone so fast! I have been extremely busy this past month with pursuing the land issues for the Children's Village and making preparations for the team that is coming next month. Nevertheless, I am very excited about what God is doing!


The first two weeks of my month began with intense prayer and fasting. I prayed on the Children's Land for one week-dedicating it to the Lord and seeking wisdom and direction about the vision that God has given to me. The next week I spent at a Prayer Mountain in Entebbe (the city where the airport is located). The Prayer Mountain is a place where people come from all over the world to pray and seek the Lord. During this week, I continued to gain more insight and direction from the Lord and was reminded of my intense need of Him. I also found, as I often do, that the more I seek the Lord, the more he draws himself close to me. I believe that this experience had a significant impact on my personal life and my spiritual walk with the Lord.


During the last two weeks, I spent a considerable amount of time making preparations for the mission's team. I am very excited about their arrival, and they also are getting very excited about their journey. I believe that it is going to be a life changing experience for many of them!

This is the first team that I have ever hosted. I am usually the one who is taking the trips It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It is definitely lots of work! I thank God for helping me, and I am very grateful for Pastor Victor's help as well. He has been an invaluable resource to me.


I am very pleased to report that progress continues to be made on the Children's Land. Two days ago I visited the land and found a number of bricks that had been made. They are also tilling the hard core stones. The joy in my heart was inexpressible! My dreams are truly becoming realities!


We also had a variety of visitors on the Children's Land. We had two surveyors come and look at the land to give us an estimate. The second surveyor was half the price of the first! We praise God for that. Hopefully, their team will be coming soon to survey the land and begin the process for the land title. Everything in Africa seems to take a long time, but I have been reminded that God is never late! He is always right on time. I continue to pray for patience.


Next, we had an architect visit the land to give us an estimate and plan for the building plans of the Children's Village. He has given us a preliminary plan for the medical center and hospital we plan to construct. Finally, we had a microbiologist and water engineer visit the land in order to give us estimates and advice regarding a water system and take a water sample for testing.


In the midst of all of this, I am still trying to learn how to cook the local foods, learn the language, interact with the people, and learn more about the culture. I find every day that there is just not enough time!


God continues to be my sustainer through it all. I know that it is only by his grace that I have the strength and determination to keep going. When I get overwhelmed with all of the work that needs to be done, I remind myself that I don't have to accomplish it on my own. I have the best boss and coworker-one who enables all things to be possible. I know that I cannot fail when the Lord is on my side!


Please continue to keep me and the ministry in your prayers. I have included a prayer list at the end of this e-mail. We definitely need them. Thank you again for all of your love, support, and prayers. God has definitely sent you into my life for a very special purpose, and I am truly grateful for you. I often think about how blessed I am to have such a strong network of supporters in the US. God has surely blessed my life abundantly with each one of you. I wish that I had time to share with you personally, but please know that I deeply appreciate each one of you. God bless.


Faithfully Surrendered to Christ,

Alissa Cooper


Prayer Requests

  1. Mission's Team Coming from June 18-June 25. Please pray that all of the necessary preparations will be made both in the US and in Uganda. Pray for the various activities that they are going to be engaging in-door to door evangelism/distribution of supplies, medical center construction, school and hospital ministry, Pastor and Church Leader's Conference, and free medical services. Pray that we will truly be a blessing to the people and that the demonstration of our love and compassion will draw their hearts to the Lord. There are a number of other requests that can be prayed for regarding this issue. Please be sensitive to the Lord and cover this area with lots of prayer.

  2. Medical Center Construction. Please pray that all of the materials will be fully completed by the time the mission's team comes and that all the requirements to begin construction will be fulfilled. Please pray for unity and harmony between Ugandan and American workers. Please also pray for financial provision for a construction vehicle that will enable us to transport the materials to the building site.

  3. Surveying Process/Land Title. Please pray that this process will begin SOON! People can delay in Africa, but God can make things happen quickly. We are hoping to have this process completed by no later than August or September.

  4. Water System Project. Please pray that we have wisdom in deciding about the water system and that God opens up a door for the funding of this system. We need a miracle!

  5. Child Sponsorship/Orphan Care. We will be seeking out the neediest children this month in order to begin to make preparations for Child Sponsorship. Please pray that we find those children who are suffering the most. I know God can give us divine appointments, and I am believing Him to guide our steps.

  6. Safety and Protection for our Lives and our Belongings. We have had thieves who have entered part of our house and have also tried to break in. Thank God nothing significant was taken-just a pair of shoes and our chicken (I have to say I was a little sad about the chicken. Chicken is not eaten very often because of the expense, and it is my favorite meat. This chicken was a gift from one of the people in the village, and I was really looking forward to eating it) I know God is able to watch over us and our possessions, but please commit this situation to prayer.

  7. Management of Time. Please pray that Victor and I are given wisdom about how to manage the time that we have. We have so many programs and tasks to be accomplished. We need the guidance and direction of the Lord to prioritize everything and accomplish those tasks which are most important. I know there are only limited hours in a day, even if I wish there were more.

  8. Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health. Victor and I have both struggled with some sickness in the last month, but the Lord is good. He is our healer. We also need continual restoration and refreshment for the other areas of our lives as well.

  9. Children and People of Kyenjojo. Please lift up this area to the Lord. There are many challenges facing the children and people here, and we personally are faced with challenges as we seek to reach out to them.

  10. Adaptations to Culture. Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I seek to adapt to a new culture.

  11. Blessing and Favor of the Lord. Please pray that we will have the blessing and favor of the Lord on all the endeavors we are seeking to pursue. Pray that we will be given divine favor with the people in this area and the government officials of Uganda.


Those are all of the requests that I am going to mention for now. If urgent requests come up before I send another update, I will e-mail them to you. Thank you for your prayers. They are moving mountains!




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