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Florie Santiago new video!! Florie has planted 34 churches and raised up 57 pastors in the North of the Philippines. Signs and wonders and waves of glory. Greetings friends of the Philippines, Florie Santiago, Director of CMMP and CMBI, was just in Charlotte, NC to visit with Jorge and Anna Parrott and Nancy Daniel and visit new friends and some old ones from a few years ago on her last visit.  Pray for the Philippines and for Florie and her team. These are some of the finest team minded pastors we know any where in the world. Many blessings, Jorge and Anna Marie   This E-mail is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521 and is legally privileged. This information is confidential and is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. Please immediately notify Dr. Jorge Parrott and destroy the message.

On Arthur Burt's visit to CMM in May

   By Elaine Worthington, now living in Thailand Little children , love one another. It was one of those life-changing occasions that could almost go quietly unnoticed, except that it changed the hearts of men and women there that night, even students and children. Reports came back from as far away as Maine. People heard what happened and were glorifying God with  "thanksgiving and praise"  for the night that Arthur visited CMM in Charlotte in May. People were crying, tears were flowing. It was a humble and broken Thursday night. But everyone left a little lighter, with joyful hearts. Only the Lord could orchestrate such a meeting! Jesus said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." John 12:32 The Lord was glorified that night, no man, no one else. We were in His presence and He healed us. Arthur brought some of his friends and they began to add what was on their hearts until there was a freedom for everyone to be an active part of the meeti

Meeting with Gary Brooks at Activate Church, Charlotte, NC Friday August 14th 7pm

  Hello Friends, I wanted to take this time to invite you to a meeting that Activate is having with Prophet Gary Brooks. Gary has 25 years in full-time ministry. He travels as an ordained minister with "Christian International Apostolic Network". He serves on the Board of Governors for Bishop Bill Hamon. Gary ministers with a strong prophetic anointing bringing us into God's Presence. So are you hungry, thirsty, or desperate for more of God? The Holy Spirit uses Gary to minister in a unique way to bring people intimately closer to God. As people wait upon the Lord, His presence and Glory will manifest with refreshing, signs, wonders, and miracles. So I'm inviting you to come and have an encounter with God that will radically change your life for His Glory. The date is Friday August 14 th , the meeting will start @ 7pm and last until the Holy Spirit is done! For those of you who have never been in one of Gary's meeting they have gone unt

Joseph healed of typhoid and jaundice in India-Thanks for your prayers

  Dr.Jorge, Thank you so much for praying for brother Joseph who is suffering from jaundice and typhoid in the jungle. BY God's grace and your prayers, he is a bit better now. It is a miracle in his life to be alive now. Praise God. Please continue to pray for his complete recovery and his ministry in the jungle. He walks everyday miles and miles of walk for the ministry. And also we want to share with you an amazing testimony from the LLM orphanage: Every day we face many challenges and advanterous things in the dark and day time during the rainy season. As you know recently God really protected two of my daughters and Yori from black cobra biting while they were praying in the night. Even in last night our orphanage three kids (Joseph,Prasanth, and Prakash) are pjavascriipt:attachment(0)rotected from a big scorpion and viper-snake biting while they were playing in the Home. Praise God for all His protection from all kinds of dangers and

Jean Marc's urgent need in Brazil

  Dear Brothers & Sisters,   Editor's note: visit Jean Marc's web page at (From Diana O., Jean Marc's US assistant) Greetings friends of Jean Marc and his family, I am writing you today to share with you an urgent need that Jean Marc & their family is needing in Brazil right now.  Thankfully they are doing well, despite a couple of incidents.  Marcia, having been away from the country and it's climate has had a few health problems, one being a very serious infection in her throat that stemmed from her teeth that has caused them a significant amount of money to treat and also to repair (in her teeth). From what I was told, this infection could have been life threatening but the Lord allowed for it to be found on time.  Just a couple of days ago, I was told that they had to take her to the hospital to treat her from Bronchitis.  Please keep her in prayer so that she can continue to get used to the cold weather and humidity there.   

Press Release: Accredited Degrees for Working People With Families, Available World Wide Through CMM

    Press Release:: Earn an affordable, accredited ministry degree with the Christ's Mandate for Mission- North Carolina College of Theology Charlotte Satellite School! CMM NCCT is hosting an Open House on Saturday August 15th from 10am – 12noon at 834 Tyvola Road Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28217. Classes will begin Saturday September 12th at 10:30am to 1pm and meet every two weeks for six and half months, ending the end of April, 2010. Classes available in English and Spanish.   The vision  at CMM and NCCT  is to provide an accredited advanced education to ministers, missionaries, and working individuals who desire to get an affordable college level degree. We endeavor to join the Holy Spirit at work in your life. As He reveals all spiritual wisdom, knowledge and truth, we study to show ourselves approved unto God that we might rightly divide the word of truth. Our focus is an in depth study of the Scriptures. Join us in going deeper in your walk while earning an afford

Miracles in El Salvador, Ride Through A Coup In Honduras, and much more to Life!

   Christ's Mandate For Missions unsubscribe   change email   view archive  Miracles in El Salvador, Ride Through A Coup In Honduras, and much more to Life! Earl Thurner Jul 7, 2009 Hola and Blessings!                                  Overview and Miracles        Back from El Salvador and ready for another week in the kingdom, doing good and healing the oppressed, looking to lift up, yearning to give value and honor to all people created in the image of God.  Villages to reach, feed the poor, a busy week for Alex and Jobyna with villages, childrens meetings, leadership meetings, preaching and teaching, and speaking at the first youth concert here on Saturday night.  They are all driving up from San Juan del Sur, and praise God for a family that put funds in their account to rent a truck so they have transportation now for the next 3 weeks. 

India: New compassion ministry with despised lepers and HIV people...Read and Pray

 Dr.Jorge and CMM Family, (new ministry details below)    How are you? Our daily prayers are with you.    Thank you so much for all your prayers for last night open air gospel meeting among strong Hindu community.     God has done a miracle of stopping heavy rain during the meeting. Though a very few people attended for hearing the gospel those hearts were very hungry.      It is an amazing news is one of young girl (17years old) has given her life to Jesus. Her name is Rani. She is semi-orphan girl. Her father rejected her. Her mother was passed way when she was very small. She used to feel very loneliness and insecure in her life.    Now, we have counselled her and prayed for her. She is getting ready for water Baptism on coming Friday.     Please do pray for sister 'Rani's complete  salvation and also pray that we will not have any oppositions on the day from the any of the anti-Christian forces. Thank you so much.                    In His field,               Jai&

Happy July 4th and Meaning of Flag Draped Coffin--Amazing Symbolism!!! Check it out!

  From my friend Roger Salam: Dear Jorge,  I hope you take the time to read this ... Before we make preparations for a weekend filled with merriment and celebration, let's take a moment and reflect on the supreme sacrifice made by the courageous men and women on the altar of freedom... I'm eternally grateful for being among the   few who have been lucky enough to be adopted by this great nation, like a mother adopting a child as one of her own. It'd be easy to forget the reason for the celebration in the midst of all the colorful fireworks and the grilling. A good friend of mine shared with me the meaning of coffins that are flag draped and I wanted to pass it on to you. To understand what the flag draped coffin really means ... Here is how to understand the flag that laid upon it and is surrendered to so many widows   and widowers. Do you know that at military funerals, the 21-gun salute stands for the sum of the numbers in the year 1776?   Have you ever noticed

India Rainy Season: Snakes, Scorpions, Bugs, coming in homes...

  Dr.Jorge and CMM family,      Greetings to you and all the CMM family in Jesus' name:    Really, God's protection is so enormous over our family and the orphanage.    God is so good and faithful.      Last night, two scorpios and one weird animal came into the our house. One of our orphanage boys namely 'Raju' was escaped from a big-scorpio  biting while he was in the bathroom in last night.     For last two days many snakes and insects and reptiles are coming into our house court-yard and inside of the house.     Three of my little children and my wife,Yori are living in fear now. There are so many bushes arround our house. Moreover the rainy season has been started now. That is why many insects,snakes and reptile are coming in.      God has been so good and faithful till today. There is no any harm nor danger. God really has been protecting us everyday.    Most of the times, we have electricity problem. It would be so dark arround. We do not have any generat has shared: The Declaration of Independence of these United Statef of America | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times

Let freedom. The Declaration of Independence of these United Statef of America | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times Source: sent this using ShareThis . has shared: The Declaration of Independence of these United Statef of America | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times

Let freedom ring. The Declaration of Independence of these United Statef of America | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times Source: sent this using ShareThis .

Pray Around The Nations - Conference Call to Prayer

Prayer Conference Call for Thailand Call 712 421 6099 Pass code 31042 # CALL IN TIME: Friday July 3nd 2009 5:30 AM EST Greetings! Pray Around the Nations is SERIOUSLY asking all intercessors to "WAKE UP FOR AN URGENT" prayer need for Thailand. Pray Around the Nations believe God's people can change history and set captives free. CALL IN TIME: Friday July 3 2009 5:30 AM EST until 6:00 AM. IT IS 30 MINUTES OF POWERFUL PRAYER THE WAY TO BE A PART OF OUR CONFERENCE CALLING IS SIMPLE: Call 712 421 6099 Pass code 31042 # You will be on line with the Pray Around the Nations intercessors. Your participation will be wel

Interceding for the temple of God...

  Dr.Jorge and CMM family,        How are you? Hope and pray you are keeping well by God's grace.    As I shared about Yori's birthday, we just prayed over her and blessed her with our family and orphange kids yesterday.     We have had a sweet hour of prayer with all our family of LLM.Hope you prayed for her. Thank you so much.    I just want to share with you one important need regarding the land for Chuch building:    As I shared earlier about the land and soil/mud over the land before the construction of the compound wall and church construction, the ground filling work has been finished four  days back. BY God's grace we could give half of the money with local church support.     But still we  have to paid the balance-money($500) for the trucks, laborers and soil/mud today. We just trust in the Lord.        I am being pressurized so much with the truck-owner and labourers today.    Would please pray and stand with us.       Today after noon, I kneld down and pr

WELCOMING INTERNATIONAL VISITORS to Your Church--Capitalize on This Reverse Mission Trip

  The latest issue of Postings is waiting for you:   WELCOMING INTERNATIONAL VISITORS to Your Church More and more often these days, churches are welcoming visits from their overseas partners. Good planning and preparation of the congregation will assure that these "reverse missions trips" are mutually beneficial. This month's Postings offers ideas for welcoming international guests, both believers and unbelievers. Don't miss the practical applications for church and agency.   Download Welcoming International Visitors no w , and f orward this email to others who could benefit from these ideas.     Many of you are briefing, leading, and/or receiving missions teams this summer. My prayer is that each of these will result in long-term transformation of goers, receivers, and sending congregations.   Under His banner, Ellen Livingood 215.579.4346 PO Box 152, Newtown, PA