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Prayer Conference Call for Thailand
Me board meeting
Call 712 421 6099 Pass code 31042 #
CALL IN TIME: Friday July 3nd 2009 5:30 AM EST
Pray Around the Nations is SERIOUSLY asking all intercessors to "WAKE UP FOR AN URGENT" prayer need for Thailand.
Pray Around the Nations believe God's people can change history and set captives free.
  • CALL IN TIME: Friday July 3 2009 5:30 AM EST until 6:00 AM. IT IS 30 MINUTES OF POWERFUL PRAYER

THE WAY TO BE A PART OF OUR CONFERENCE CALLING IS SIMPLE: Call 712 421 6099 Pass code 31042 # You will be on line with the Pray Around the Nations intercessors. Your participation will be welcomed.

Call 712 421 6099 Pass code 31042 #
"For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it would come abroad" Mark 4:22

Prayer Points:

  • Thailand means Land of the Free. Belief in a guardian angel, Phra Sayam Devadhiraj, and the golden image of this spirit was made. It is worshiped keeping the land in bondage to a complex web of culture, spirit appeasement, occult practices and Buddhism.
  • Pray for the spiritual breakthrough so that in the Lord Jesus the Thai may be free indeed.
  • Corrupt military, government and police leaders have protected the large sex trade.
  • Crime drugs and alcohol abuse are widespread.
  • Refugees - hundreds of thousands from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the 1 million more recent arrivals from Myanmar.
  • The Golden Triangle where opium poppies are the only lucrative cash crop for most of the northern tribes. The narcotics trade breeds insecurity and violence. Pray for believers and missionaries in sensitive

God Answered Our Prayer for the Karen Refugees
TWO WEEKS AGO WE PRAYED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE KAREN REFUGEES. HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED IN ANSWER TO MANY PEOPLE PRAYING: After their church service, the missionaries drove separate trucks loaded with aid up to the border town where they needed to spend the night before driving the next day to reach the refugees. They cried more than half of the drive to up the winding mountain road, praying for the orphans.

On Monday morning they walked in unannounced and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) office in this border town. The director was wonderful and very helpful. They shared the situation, and the UNHCR had not heard of their two camps. They had only heard of the one large camp further away. So the director took all of their information about the location of the camps and sent it to the UNHCR office in the next province. This next province had jurisdiction over the area. The director assured them the UN would look into it and they did not want the children sent back to Burma. They then met with the team of 21 people who were driving out the camps with us, and off they went. When they reached the first camp, the Thai Boarder Police were all in the camp. They came there with the intention of talking to them to try to persuade them not to send the children back. Sunday night they talked on the phone to a ministry friend who has worked on the borders for many years who told them to be very careful as it was extremely dangerous to upset the Thai Border Police. But if necessary they were prepared to stand between the Police and these children so they would not have to be sent to their deaths in Burma. But the Lord did an amazing miracle. When they got out of the car, the people in the camp told us that as late as that morning, the Thai Border Police were still threatening the children and telling them that they would be sent back to Burma in two days. (The border police moved their "push the children back" date back from Tuesday to Wednesday, since they heard this large group of Americans was supposed to come to see the children on Tuesday.) The children were terrified and they grabbed onto the Grandma in the village and wept and asked her to see to it that they would not be sent back. They were so afraid. But Grandma could not make any promises, but they all prayed. But then a call came saying the UN was coming to the camp and would be there in a few minutes. A high ranking UN official, a high ranking Thai Provincial official, and the ranking Thai military commander for the area all entered the camp and asked to meet with them. They told them that the children would absolutely NOT be sent back to Burma. They were able to ask questions about their safety (since they live just across the river from the war zone and still hear the fighting) and the Thai government assured them that the Thai army would protect the children. The children would NOT be going back. After their meeting was finished, the UN and Thai officials had a good stern talk with the border police. They never had to talk to the border police, but their minds had been changed. GLORY TO GOD !!! God has saved his children.

Just call the number: 1 - 712 421 6099 PIN 31042
Dr. Judy Laidley will be with you on the line along with many other intercessors.

INVITE A FRIEND TO CALL ALSO! It is easy, just call the number: 1 - 712 421 6099 - PIN 31042 and join this mighty group of prayer warriors.


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