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7 Prophetic Voices for 7 Nations in 2007--Costa Rica October

Greetings, Below is a link to the October Costa Rica trip. Are you called? Are you interested? Please contact me at 704-517-2557 or email if you have an interest, desire, or questions. Please distribute to those you believe need to know and perhaps participate. This will be a time of prayer, intercession, prophesying, imparting, and making new friends. We ask for key intercessors to be praying in advance of this strategic conference. Please pray for those the Lord has called to connect, for provision to come, for plans to be covered in prayer, for unity in the Body, for equipping and training the five fold ministry in Costa Rica and in the US and in Central America for the season ahead. See how God can use you to change a nation and a people. God has been really moving in Costa Rica. Many words have been spoken into this nation and its people. We have reports of 50,000 intercessors praying the last two years. Also, we have be

Grace Abounding by Jorge Parrott

Grace Abounding ( To view the photos referenced in this article, go to ) My Father, John W. Parrott, Sr. was born in 1913. When he was six months old he weighed less than when he was born. Doctors said he would be crippled his whole life, if he survived the wasting polio. His family took him to a faith healer, near where they lived in Modesto, Illinois. She was a large woman and told them for a dollar a visit, she would call on the name of the Lord, and in twelve visits, he would be healed. One dollar was all it took. The power of God’s healing touch came upon him and he went on to serve in the army in WWII in Cuba, where he met my mother, Isabel Place. They married in 1945. Dad brought my Mom to Illinois to live. They gave birth to six kids. God watches over us, even when we may not acknowledge Him or His sovereignty. My parents raised us in the chur

: Please Pray for our next Marama Night (Sat. May 5th) Tahiti

  PRAYER ALERT VISION of the HARVEST - TAHITI French Polynesia (South Pacific) Marama Night of May 5th, 2007 ----------------------------------------------------   Dear friends and prayer partners,   This coming Saturday, May 5th, from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM (Tahiti time, same as Hawaii time), will be hosted our 4th Marama Night youth event at McDonald's in downtown Papeete. This is our first major open air public endeavor since the first three were held in a restaurant actually very closely located to McDonald's. In fact we will have a whole set up right in front of the McDonald's.   We'd like to request your prayers on behalf of this forthcoming night especially in these very areas: smooth and favorable connections with the managing team in McDonald's (Tahiti) good preparation of the youth groups from different fellowships who will be performing perfect weather conditions (no rain especially) no disfunctions and no