Grace Abounding by Jorge Parrott

Grace Abounding

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My Father, John W. Parrott, Sr. was born in 1913. When he was six months old he weighed less than when he was born. Doctors said he would be crippled his whole life, if he survived the wasting polio.
His family took him to a faith healer, near where they lived in Modesto, Illinois. She was a large woman and told them for a dollar a visit, she would call on the name of the Lord, and in twelve visits, he would be healed. One dollar was all it took. The power of God’s healing touch came upon him and he went on to serve in the army in WWII in Cuba, where he met my mother, Isabel Place. They married in 1945. Dad brought my Mom to Illinois to live. They gave birth to six kids.
God watches over us, even when we may not acknowledge Him or His sovereignty. My parents raised us in the church, but no one had told me in my early years that it was possible to have... really, a necessity, to have a personal relationship with the Lord.
By grace I write this today. I have been so blessed with the most loving wife a man could ever dream, married 29 years. My three sons are men of integrity, passionate, talented, creative, and hard working.
I met Helen “Mom” Correll (pictured above with Anna and me), and her son, Michael, who asked me to succeed him at CMM. How fortunate we are to stand on the shoulders of the great. Sidney Correll, the founder of CMM, passed away in 1991 and I never met him.
Like many, I have seen amazing miracles, (such as the man in the upper right photo, who had his hearing restored in India), traveled to many nations, (like Spain in the upper left with my good friend Ruben Fernandez, who has since passed), and seen seeds of revival on a global scale being formed, watered, and fed, and I have seen the hand of our Maker move in subtle and in dramatic ways time and again.
Surely, the designer of all creation is at work in our lives. Grace abounding all around us in a sea of turmoil, terror, and gloom. No, it does not make sense. Man’s ways are incapable of solving this mess.
There is a hope that lies beyond the visible. Like a child we trust in the dark. In spite of the sorrow, someone else’s Joy makes us strong. The servant hearted warrior makes a way when there seems like no escape.
From beyond the veil of time a Voice speaks to willing vessels. Mysteries of ages unravel in this wondrous dance. Hear well the tending voice.
The world peers and stays confused. Discerning the times, knowing what lies ahead, our journey leads into unknown, uncharted territories. Our focused hunger longing for that narrow gate. Waiting, fighting, looking higher, leaving the old ways behind. How do all things ever become new?
Do you see it? Beyond the clouds, on a white steed a Rider comes. Listen now, the shofar is blowing. No longer in the wind or clouds, but in our midst, closer comes the one who saves. It is he! It is he! Temporary earthly afflictions fade and fast. The weight of That glory overshadows all this life. Rise up, open your eyes and heart to see. Rejoice! Rejoice!
A banquet is being prepared. Someone brighter than the sun has prepared a place for us. Do you see that light? Long ago the work was completed, even before time began. Oh, Mystery, I hear you call me, “come up here”!

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