On Arthur Burt's visit to CMM in May

 By Elaine Worthington, now living in Thailand

Little children, love one another.

It was one of those life-changing occasions that could almost go quietly unnoticed, except that it changed the hearts of men and women there that night, even students and children. Reports came back from as far away as Maine. People heard what happened and were glorifying God with "thanksgiving and praise" for the night that Arthur visited CMM in Charlotte in May.

People were crying, tears were flowing. It was a humble and broken Thursday night. But everyone left a little lighter, with joyful hearts. Only the Lord could orchestrate such a meeting! Jesus said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." John 12:32 The Lord was glorified that night, no man, no one else. We were in His presence and He healed us.

Arthur brought some of his friends and they began to add what was on their hearts until there was a freedom for everyone to be an active part of the meeting. What a night of healing! It started with Arthur Burt, himself. At 97, "Uncle Arthur" still travels all the way from Wales to encourage and warn people, "This is the dawn of a new age! We're in the last of the last days! Humble yourselves!" But this particular night, he was tired, worn out from traveling and weak. At first, he could hardly speak. He's had four strokes in the recent past, but is still willing to "Go..." where the Lord sends him to bring the Word as he hears it, to teach or preach and tell his stories.

The Healing Rooms of Charlotte heard he was coming to a meeting hosted by CMM so they closed the Healing Rooms down for the night and everyone came over to see Uncle Arthur. He's been coming over from Wales and England for close to 50 years, so many know Arthur Burt, he brings the Body together.

First things first, we all prayed for Arthur's strength and for his healing and the Lord answered right away! Arthur was rejuvenated and carried on in an honest and loving way that opened the door to truth and deep repentance. One after another, people stood up to repent, especially for their lack of love for their families, for the Body of Christ, for each other. Hearts were breaking, hearts were healing, hearts were melting and open to each other. The Lord transformed our thinking, our lives were changed. 

And the Lord strengthened Arthur! He went on to minister in meetings in North and South Carolina and Georgia for the next two weeks! He's home now in Wales with his family. We are praying that the Lord keeps him strong and publishes his last book, "And there shall be no Ebb..." soon! 

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