Miracles in El Salvador, Ride Through A Coup In Honduras, and much more to Life!


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Miracles in El Salvador, Ride Through A Coup In Honduras, and much more to Life!
Earl Thurner
Jul 7, 2009

Hola and Blessings!
                               Overview and Miracles
     Back from El Salvador and ready for another week in the kingdom, doing good and healing the oppressed, looking to lift up, yearning to give value and honor to all people created in the image of God.  Villages to reach, feed the poor, a busy week for Alex and Jobyna with villages, childrens meetings, leadership meetings, preaching and teaching, and speaking at the first youth concert here on Saturday night.  They are all driving up from San Juan del Sur, and praise God for a family that put funds in their account to rent a truck so they have transportation now for the next 3 weeks. 
We breathe in every token of His goodness and breathe out thankfulness, we shared the opportunity to ride on this adventure with us and a couple of you jumped on so we were able to pay for the entire trip, that is all the travelling with Pastor Harry and I, food, blessing families, all transportation and communication, and bless Francisco and his family, just a melting time of God´s love.  Thanks and may there be others who become love personified in deeds of giving.  Two months gone now and one more to go!
     We will see the birth of El Salvador School of Supernatural School of Ministry in August and probably the birth of a King of Kings Extension also in the near future.  We have a church there that will host the school, under King of Kings and in conjunction with the one we have in Dario with Francisco Sanchez overseeing it and using the books from Bethel we use here in Dario as core material, starting with Face to Face so that was wonderful fruit of the trip.  
     You have read the other day of the amazing miracles that took place and they continued in every meeting and the beauty of it all.  We are talking about people who are suffering, hurting, in pain being touched and made whole. Francisco took pictures to capture some of this and hopefully we will be able to put on facebook and show you through other means soon.  The deep joy and relief is worth a 100 hour bus ride and I had to only go 10 each way.  A lot of breathing miracles, deaf ears opened, tumors dissolved, pain leaving like the one lady for 14 years in pain and many others healed of arthritis, back pain, leg, knee and feet pain, stomach diseases, one lady with stones of some sort in her abdomen felt them all dissolve and we had her praying for the sick and others with wonderful results. Necks freed up, joints unlocked, arms swinging free, and we will hear of others as the reports come in and as I find out what everyone was testifying about in Spanish!!  Not everyone reads these updates I am sure, but we are to declare His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men so I will!
                             Newspapers and Deliverance
     During the first few days as the Holy Spirit was given pre-emimence and freedom to usher in God´s presence and not be quenched or limited, suddenly people would be thrown to the floor and demons erupted.  4 or 5 people would be holding down women and no easy task.  As this was going on, testimonies kept going forth of miracles. people were being saved, others were weeping in each others arms, others crying out to God, some overwhelmed with joy and laughter, most of it just happening in His presence and as the El Salvadorans began ministering the kingdom of God they had just heard preached and seen demonstrated.  In every case deliverance came and peace and changed countenances were now the norm.  Many of them were throwing up so newspapers were now at the corners of the bullding in case that happened and sometimes it did.  Some folks were not violently affected as others and throughout the building
just threw up and were delivered.  No one orchestrated this.
     I had to laugh because the last time it happened, the service was closing, things had quieted down a lot and the pastor was taking the offering for us.  I gave away my offering anyway to Francisco and Pastor Harry so sure I would like to see a good one to see them blessed.  The very moment the offering was announced and the baskets lifted, 3 people right in front of the church began to manifest demons.  Boom, just like that and the scene was repeated and before long they were delivered but there were others in the room who just got delivered also.
      Francisco made note of it on the way home, how right at the offering demons manifested and probably affected the giving.  I laughed and said God is bigger than that but I am sure that many times when believers are given opportunity to give, the normal Christian mindset of generosity gets attacked by the enemy to hinder the release of His provision and believers get intimidated, but God is greater I said and you need to keep focused on His incredible ability to take care of you.  I said we must keep giving of ourselves with no expectation otherwise there will be hurt and disappointment.  Furthermore, God never took an offering at the cross when He gave His all in giving His son.  Francisco also saw as some funds came in that very day when I went to the cyber to check my email, so who rules anyway but our glorious King!! 
                                 Ride Through Honduras
      Thanks for prayers of protection by the way.  The very moment we were busing our way through Honduras the president was being forced out of power and a coup was going on.  Also, in El Salvador, there is a gang movement, the Maras, tattooed faces and killers, a real problem there so there is danger.  I know a few who follow what we do and know where we go and are aware of what is happening in the world in different nations, so of course we need covering and probably more.  The safest place to be is doing His will, even on the frontlines where there is danger, hardship, persecution, disease around and hard conditions.
      We are Christians, of whom the world is not worthy, it we are truly submitted to Him who is worthy above all.  We are not those who shrink back when we get the bellyache, we are the people of dominion who are sent into the world to touch with the sceptre of His rule motivated by compassion out of deep love for Jesus Christ.  Walk from His voice in His strength and co-labor in privilege toward fulfillment.
                    Antichrist Spirit and Religious Spirit
      I appreciated the pastors letting the Holy Spirit free in His own house.  Very few, very few have even considered the concept.  Each time they had a program and I submit to that of course, but I come to see Him come and there needs to be that invitation for God to establish His throne in the midst of believers, the gateway of heaven, the ladder of the angelic, the declaration and demonstration of the kingdom in power not in word only with signs, wonders and miracles to authenticate the resurrrection of Jesus Christ, He is alive. 
     You read about the first church and crusade the other day and how the pastor was asked during the first song if he would allow God to come now with my assurance that he himself would be transformed that very night.  He did and he was and his entire church was invaded by our God.  People were just walking up as we were discussing starting the school of ministry, after service had ended to give their lives to Christ. 
       Hey, Pastor Harry just read me an email that just came in from Francisco in El Salvador who preached in a church yesterday afternoon and he stepped out in what he had learned about moving under the Lordship of the Holy Spirit and his email is filled with God coming, people saved, deliverances, miracles, kidneys and other sicknesses and the presence of God!
      The same thing happened in this other crusade and this was a very religious environment.  This denomination was very legalistic, the women wearing veils and staring stone faced at you, very ritualistic and the men on one side, the women on the other side, strict dress codes, totally rigid, music without anointing, everything just structured to the last detail.  Pastor Harry was to preach but he took one look and said you go.
     Just before the meeting, the pastor took me into his office and said now we write out the program for tonight, okay.  I said sure, whatever you want.  You need to understand that no matter what he wrote or however he would set it up, there would be a moment when given the opportunity to minister that I would give it to God and as He has done everytime for 15 years, He would wreck the place.  That is not pride, that is my responsibility to not have a meeting where the supernatural is not normal.  It is just when, at the beginning, middle or whenever but it is so much better to do it like creation, "In the beginning God.....the Spirit moved.....And God spoke.."  This is just something God did in my life November 10, 1994 and it would just be so much better if we really, really let God be Himself. 
     Anyway, as he was writing he asked me if I had something I wanted to do that night.  I just said, well, maybe I would get up and let the Holy Spirit come after a song or two or maybe not, whatever you want pastor.  He looked at me and said I am open.  That was all I needed.  The service was wood, maybe iron is a better term.  Religion is form without power, structure without life, programs without presence.  The antichrist spirit, notice it is anti or against Christ, not anti Jesus.  Against the Holy Spirit, presence, supernatural, miraculous, manifestations, anointing etc.  It was a stifling moment. 
     I just let it go on for awhile and the pastor finally asked me to preach, I had not felt to do anything.  I just love these moments when staring out at precious souls enslaved by religion and mostly through ignorance, I just cannot wait for God to come into their lives and touch them with His love.  So I danced, I just danced like David, and celebrated His goodness and greatness and proclaimed the kingdom, the freedom, the wonder of God and His passion for them and beginning with a word of knowledge over a woman in the back row who came up front to be prayed for by the woman who I had testify of the stones dissolving, God began to descend and I just watched Him and acknowledged His working and He kept coming.  Women were praying now up front for women, falling out under the power of God, weeping in each others arms, then Pastor Harry had to go to the bathroom and as he said later, I lost all my strength and the religious spirit was attacking me.  I had him call all the men up and had one or two just testify of the Spirit of the Lord ministering to them and he went to the bathroom.  He was there awhile and when he came back he had to walk around the bodies of all the men, young and old laid out under the power of God.  Later they would testifying of what God did to them, articulating with great clarity amazing transformation, encounters with God, called by God, and some of them got saved right after that.  Miracles happened in the room without a hand laid on them and the some of the sternest looking older women with veils began crumpling in front of their seats and fell out under the power of God while a couple of others found a way out of the building. 
      Healing ensued, souls were saved and the pastors eyes were quite large by this time.  A lot of wonderful stories but one young woman was visited by God but did not yield and I could sense the shame on her.  Well, later on, as she stood against the wall, I went back to her and 5 feet away the Lord revealed the abuse, hatred of men, unforgiveness and also her fear that she could not follow God, that she would fall away.  She sobbed, I sent women to her and noticed a half hour later, a radiant countenance, like she was this little girl, and she had been saved and transformed.
      C´mon God, is this not the reason we live, to see love triumph!!!  Confronted by the Holy Spirit, the antichrist and religious spirit had to move aside and let the river of His presence take over.  Wake up surrendering to His lordship, set God free in your own life.  Life is not a service, or a meeting, or a conference, an event, but everyday, let us enjoy what the blood of Jesus purchased for us and it is made available by the Holy Spirit, Jesus among us, through faith.....
                                       Enough for Now
    Oh there is more but enough for now.  We have a big week and next week is also.  Lots of outreaches to the children, the dumps, the villages so lots of provision needed to touch their lives.  Alex and Jobyna will be doing a lot of this also and I read a few of the comments saying how precious it was that neighborhood outreach in San Juan to the children.  That is great and what you might want to do is be a part of it this week, in deed by releasing some funds so the kids and grandkids can feed and bless more so the information is below and you can designate giving to the Kamps, the dumps, the village feedings and that is where it will go. Muchas Gracias!!
                                   love ya, earl and jana
Earl and Jana Thurner 
US Number   760-898-5091     
Nicaragua Number  011-505-607-6593

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