India: New compassion ministry with despised lepers and HIV people...Read and Pray

 Dr.Jorge and CMM Family,
(new ministry details below)
   How are you? Our daily prayers are with you.

   Thank you so much for all your prayers for last night open air gospel meeting among strong Hindu community.

    God has done a miracle of stopping heavy rain during the meeting. Though a very few people attended for hearing the gospel those hearts were very hungry.

     It is an amazing news is one of young girl (17years old) has given her life to Jesus. Her name is Rani. She is semi-orphan girl. Her father rejected her. Her mother was passed way when she was very small. She used to feel very loneliness and insecure in her life.

   Now, we have counselled her and prayed for her. She is getting ready for water Baptism on coming Friday.

    Please do pray for sister 'Rani's complete  salvation and also pray that we will not have any oppositions on the day from the any of the anti-Christian forces. Thank you so much.      

             In His field,
              Jai&Yori and the LLM Gospel Team.
 Prayer request:
             1. On coming MOnday(13th of July), we are going to start a new ministry called "LLM Compassion Ministry". The main purpose of this ministry, showing the love for poor and dispised leperousy ,HIV,  and TB patients. On this day, we are going to help them with some food packets, cloths and drinking water. It is estimated only $200 for buying their food, drink, cloths and plate and glasses.
         Now, we have 20 poor and thrown out/rejected HIV and leperosy patients. we just want to help them with food packets and cloths and plate and glasses beside winning them for the Kingdom of God with the word of God.
    We have appointed one godly family(brother John Son) in order to supervise these lepers.
    Monthly, we want to help these poor and despised HIV and Leperosy patients by giving them some food and medicine.
  We want to start this Compassion Ministry with a small beginning. We just need only $150 per month for helping them. 
      Please pray about this special request and if anybody is interested and moved with a compassion from CMM family in order to help this "LLM Compassion Ministry" for HIV,leperosy, and TB patients, will be a great blessing.
             Thank you so much for standing with us.
(As God leads mail in your gift to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 or give securely online at, send funds to  )

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