Jean Marc's urgent need in Brazil


Dear Brothers & Sisters,
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(From Diana O., Jean Marc's US assistant)

Greetings friends of Jean Marc and his family,

I am writing you today to share with you an urgent need that Jean Marc & their family is needing in Brazil right now.  Thankfully they are doing well, despite a couple of incidents.  Marcia, having been away from the country and it's climate has had a few health problems, one being a very serious infection in her throat that stemmed from her teeth that has caused them a significant amount of money to treat and also to repair (in her teeth). From what I was told, this infection could have been life threatening but the Lord allowed for it to be found on time.  Just a couple of days ago, I was told that they had to take her to the hospital to treat her from Bronchitis.  Please keep her in prayer so that she can continue to get used to the cold weather and humidity there. 
Due to some of these issues and the fact that the offerings are not as large in Brazil as we know their monetary Reis is half of our
American dollar, they do not have the full amount to pay for their new visas in which they must submit early this week in order to have it back in time for them to return to America by Aug. 19th.  They are in need of $1250 (250 per person) to renew all of their visas.  Marcia's has already expired and WILL NOT be able to return to the States until its renewed and Jean Marc's and the girls expire in October, but they wanted to go ahead and renew it now so that he won't have to return to Brazil in October to renew them again. 
I ask you, if the Lord places in your heart to give unto this offering please contact me CMM to give you instructions on the best way to send them the money. He would need this money sent by tomorrow, Tuesday the LATEST.    At this point sending a check to the CMM P.O. Box 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241 will take too long, but you can't give now and would like to still give an offering, write the check to Jean Marc Oliveira or CMM and go online to donate securely at and send the funds to  That is the fastest way. You can also call the CMM office at 704-225-3927 and give credit or debit card info to a live person.
If you are not able to give, you can give with your prayers and intercession for them.  It's much needed.  Our brother Jean, loves the Lord with all his heart as we know, and he gives all that he has for Him, but he sometimes forgets to take time to rest.  Please be in prayer for him that the Lord will REMIND HIM that it's essential he takes time to do that. Thank you for all you have already done for this wonderful family we all love!  I apologize for not sending this out to you two days ago when I found out, but we had a death in our family on Friday, my father in law went to be with Jesus and it was difficult to focus on anything other than comforting our family members.
Please feel free to share this need with others you know that loves this family as much as we do. 
Much love and blessings to all of you,

Diana Mojica Ortiz

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